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Introduction: 1.establish the existence of an issue or problem 2.舉三點

Body: 1. content only 2.topic sentences complete andall different

conclusion: 1.三~四句 2.重複三點




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    Environmental protection, environmental protection, probably some people feel is a piece what fantastic important event, must would not do until expert instruction of matter, in fact, little effort can immediately do an environmental protection, only don't to do, have no can.

    On the times in this flourishing progress, the weather in Taiwan becomes excrescent, warming phenomenon in the world is also more and more serious, and help the main murder of green house effect to come from an artificial activity in, exhausted what a great deal of carbon dioxide cause.The Earth silently forgives people to everything that he does, but few people are concerned with our Earths, if people don't start valuing our homes again and the result may be so terrible we dare not think about it.

    The decrease opens a refrigerator door number of times and time, protect cold again electricity in the province.Now, arrive in summer, the earth is like oven, gave burn the person to fast.At this time, everyone streams with sweat, sweat as rain bottom, have been opening refrigerator to see in have what drink of, open and close, open and close, not only can't make the refrigerator protected cold, and again waste an electricity very much, don't lose more than gain like this?So we have no a matter and don't open refrigerator and let the refrigerator take a break and contribute efforts to everyone again.

    Walk in the street, usually eyes will feel uncomfortable, that because car and motorcycle emissions abandon what smoke cause.Only think, everyone opens a car or rides a motorcycle and goes to work and goes to school and not only produces carbon dioxide, but also also causes every day the pollution of air, for the sake of the pollution of the decrease carbon dioxide and the waste gas, we should much take public transport more and open the car less or ride a motorcycle to the economical energy.

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