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Egyptian Friends, anyone been to Turkey before?

Salam all, I am going to Turkey in 2 weeks and I need your advice please , where to shop (good places with reasonable prices) ,what to take , places I should not miss, and any other Information I as Egyptian need to know.. I have done some INTERNET research.. but guess nothing is like an advice from an experienced person :) oh, is true Turks are not friendly and it is very likely they will mislead us if we ask them???

Thanks dear ones


Yes, Rodiii it is Istanbul

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    you should go and see the Bosphorus of course ( you could go on a tourist ferry). You should see- Haghia Sophia,

    -Topkapi Palace,

    - Blue Mosque,

    -Grand Bazaar( keep an eye out for jewelery/wallets ),

    --Yerebatan Sarayi which is near Haghia Sophia if I can remember correctly and is an underground cistern ( btw it's where they shot a scene of a James Bond movie ( From Russia with Love)

    You can go to

    - Istiklal Street in Beyoglu which became really popular in the last few years (it used to be considered too 'hippie'),there are some very nice cafes and bars and shops.

    - You could go to Dolmabahce Palace and also to the street market which takes place on Sundays in Ortakoy which is along the Bosphorus

    -You can go to Nisantasi, but I wouldnt say it's a very touristic place, you would see lots of women with dyed blonde hair and Hermes bags and shops like Valentino, Louis Vuitton etc. ( I dont think you would want to do designer shopping in Istanbul, they are much more expensive over there...)

    -You could go to Beymen though, which is a department store and again sells designer clothes for twice the price but also has its own label. If you go Nisantasi, you should go to House Cafe, they do the best salads but as I said, it's not a touristic place, it's just where fashionable Turks go to...

    For food, you should go to the

    - Tarihi Sultanahmet Koftecisi to eat meatballs( koftes) which is very cheap and it's near all the major sights in Sultanahmet.

    -For the best kebab, go to Beyti, Kosebasi and Tike.

    -For spicy south-eastern food( Arab-Kurdish) go to Hamdi in Eminonu.(The food there is just delicious, believe me).

    - If you want to eat fish with meze( appetisers) which tourists call Bosphorus meal, then you can go to Kiyi Restaurant in Tarabya which has very good views

    if you want to have a very nice food experience but sacrifice some more money there is a restaurant called bayti. its a pretty well known restaurant in Istanbul-floryia give them a visit,,

    Now I will put for you a very helpful map with bus-metro stops and relate that to most of the shopping areas and attraction please keep it handy with you.....

    -----VERY IMPORTANT-----

    in Arabic and shows Metro, shopping area and attraction sites..

    Beyti retusrant: (i adore this one)-Florya

    In more than fifty years, many heads of state, high-ranked politicians, top businessmen and celebrities around the globe dined in Beyti at their visit in Istanbul

    @roddi: lalaly is very Russian , but it is indeed very cheap hahaha.

    Source(s): Lived there for almost a year, and had hard times, bargain taxi drivers, They bargain even in elegant restaurants and shops lol -shadat sha3ry that I lost it doing so),,, btw , rarely they speak English (something else bad,,)
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  • Hope
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    Roddii gave you the best answer ever.... great details :-)

    Turkish people are really very friendly, i loved it there and wud go back in a second. Don't miss any chance to go sightseeing, they have gorgeous places to visit... in Istanbul, u definitely have to see...

    Topkapai (the old palace)

    The Blue Mosque.. Sultan Ahmet Mosque

    Hagia Sofia or Ayasofia mosque

    Dolmabacha palace (dolma is ma7shi... lol cos the palace is filled with golden everything ... gates, doors, furniture, its by the Bosprus... quite beautiful too)

    Galata tower (there are so many shops on the sidewalks leading to the tower and the view from above is magnificent).

    You have to take a boat ride on the Bosporus, which is a strait between Marmara sea and the black sea.... u ll see all the castles on its side... quite breathtaking and beautiful ride.

    If u need a heavenly break from the busy Istanbul then take that boat ride and head towards "Princes' Islands" or as they call them Kizil Adalar (if i remember correctly) stay there a full day, walk those beautiful streets filled with antiquities and visit those parks have a BBQ.... u know what ask yr travel agent and they will suggest it (they sell beautiful silk garments there too!!)

    Ya one last thing... when u are in the covered market... BARGAIN.... yes bargain as much as u can... since i am a terrible shopper, i let my husband do all the bargaining and boy he was great at it!! Lol

    BTW, if u are a fan of crystal like me, then its good to know that Turks are the second largest producers of crystals and u won't be able to keep up with shopping for them....

    Have a great time :-)

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  • Rita
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    Ahaaaaa... I'll be in Turkey between 9 to 18 July

    I've heard that Jawhara mall in Istanbul is lovely with reasonable prices

    I'm sure that I'll get benefit too from the answers of your quistion.

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    first of all Turkey and Turkish people are awesome :) and they do love egypt and egyptians, and will serve you even better with a wide smile when they know you are Egyptian!

    no misleads do not worry,,

    as for shopping, you didn't tell where in Turkey you will stay in, but i assum its Istanbul,, if other city i wont be able to help :(

    in Istanbul you have many shopping distnations,,

    1st is the (Aksarai Laleli) which is like Roxy here in Egypt,, many shops and many streets and small streets filled with shops,

    but you have to buy in wholesum,, (gomla) which can be really usefull if you will make an open day when you come back here,,

    cheap but nice and good quality closes as gomla,, and not 12, you can find 5 ps,7,9,12 pieses

    the other place called (Takseem) its like heliopolis or mohandseen stores, wide main streets with more expensive shops which you can buy one piece,, (and there where the egyptian movie 3okal shot when the police officer came and took him:)

    the third place is called (Galeria mall),, it has a big mall like first mall here, or city stars with also much more high prices, around it you will find many shops with reasnable prices,, make up, clothes, lingeri,,

    another place called (the covered bazzar or egyptian bazzar!) which is near Aksarai by the way, you can walk to it from there,, which is like khan el khalili here, but different items to buy, but of course the spices and hand made glass have a big part there,, and many mini shops offers jeans and shrits in low prices,, you can say its there (wekalet al bala7 lol)

    another mall is offering (stock products) called Olivium mall,, you will find designer clothes with low price cause its stock,,

    all places you can go by bus or metro,, Aksarai and Takseem is consider the downtown,, but for Galeria is more far from them,,

    just ask the clerk in the bus station (the guy who sell the ticket cause you have to buy it before riding the bus) of the bus number to go each place,, unfortuntly i don't remember bus numbers!!

    don't walk alone late before 9 pm,, shops there are open at about 7:30 8 am,, ask the taxi driver how much he will take before you ride,, but its better to stick to bus and metro,,, food is great! really !! stick to turkish food and leave the mcdonalds and pizza for a while!!

    above all, give the blue mosque a visit,, its awesome and i was busy shopping to visit it :( it called Game3 ther by the way:)

    that whats on my mind for now,, if u need more data please e mail me,,

    have a nice time!

    Source(s): Turkey is great and lovely ,, you will just love it,,
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  • rambin
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    3 years ago

    I even have heard such multiple comparable thoughts from acquaintances of mine who stay in egypt in luxor. and the respond is particular to all your questions. As to is there all and sundry you may have faith, i truthfully dont know, i'm so sorry are you able to discover another ex pats living the place you're, consistent with threat they are able to help. they might a minimum of provide you somebody to chat to.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I've never been there but its streets r nice and the atmosphere there. They also make nice soap operas.

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