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Kaleb asked in SportsFootball (American) · 1 decade ago

Who will win their starting job for QB?

New York Jets: Mark Sanchez or Kellen Clemens

Cleveland Browns : Derrick Anderson or Brady Quinn

Kanas City Chiefs: Matt Cassel or Tyler Thigpen

Oakland Raiders: Jeff Garcia or JaMarcus Russell

Detriot Lions: Matt Stafford or Duante Culpepper

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Josh Freeman, Brian Griese or Byron Leftwich

San Francisco 49ers: Shaun Hill or Alex Smith

My Picks:

Kellen Clemens: has more experience in the Jets system.

Brady Quinn: Has better QB qualities than Derrick Anderson.

Matt Cassel: Started a full season and more experience

Jeff Garcia: Better than Russell overall

Byron Leftwich: the best of the three

Matt Stafford: their going to suck anyways

Shaun Hill: he helped Singletay get his head coaching jib lasts season by going 5-3.

Pick your choices.

Thanks to all in advance.


John F., he is still on the team but he is expected to be released.

To all future answers : Replace Brian Griese with Luke McCown.

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    New York Jets: Kellen Clemens (He's looked a lot better in camp so far, plus he's got 4 years under Schotty and we said we'd like to see Sanchez take a year and learn)

    Cleveland Browns : Brady Quinn (He's better, plain and simple. Although I wouldn't be surprised if Mangini messes it up)

    Kanas City Chiefs: Matt Cassel (Even Thigpen came out 2 days ago and said it was Cassel's job)

    Oakland Raiders: JaMarcus Russell (Garcia's better, but the Raiders have so much money invested in Russel that they'll never bench him)

    Detriot Lions: Duante Culpepper (The Lions already said they want Stafford to sit a year and not throw him to the wolves)

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Luke McCown (I think you meant to say him, cause Griese's not on the team anymore. But I heard the Bucs are really high on McCown so I'll give it to him)

    San Francisco 49ers: Shaun Hill (He played well at the end of last season, or well enough at least)


    Ohh alright, my fault, I thought he was released already.

    And to all the people picking Sanchez, the Jets are going with whatever QB plays the best in camp, and as of right now Clemens is dominating Sanchez. We already said we'd like to have Sanchez sit and learn the system for a year before coming in to start, but we'll bring him in if he looks like the best QB. But as of right now I see Clemens winning this battle for sure. He's got 4 years under Brian Schott and he's never had a chance to show what he can do with a halfway decent O-Line, I think we'll give him a shot.

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    Jets: Mark Sanchez. He is the face of that organization right now and they didn't spend $50 million for him to be a backup.

    Browns: Brady Quinn. It's his time to shine in Cleveland.

    Chiefs: Matt Cassel. Look what he did with the Pats last season. How could he not start?

    Raiders: JaMarcus Russell. Although Garcia is more experienced, Russell is the guy in Oakland.

    Lions: Matt Stafford. If they want to do anything (like they will), then they have to have Stafford start.

    Bucs: I wish that Freeman would start, but I'm gonna say McCown will get the nod here.

    49ers: Shaun Hill. Alex Smith will get some time in preseason, but Hill has this one.

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    This is a great Question! Here are my picks:

    New York Jets: Mark Sanchez

    Cleveland Browns : Brady Quinn

    Kanas City Chiefs: Matt Cassel

    Oakland Raiders: JaMarcus Russell

    Detriot Lions: Matt Stafford

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Byron Leftwich

    San Francisco 49ers: Shaun Hill

    I have also posted the question here to get others thoughts: http://www.ecouchcoach.com/forum.php?forumID=1&ID=...

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    New York Jets: Kellen Clemens

    Cleveland Browns : Brady Quinn-Browns need hope

    Kanas City Chiefs: Matt Cassel

    Oakland Raiders: Neither

    Detriot Lions: Matt Stafford

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Byron Leftwich

    San Francisco 49ers: Alex Smith

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    Jets: Klemens

    Browns: Anderson

    Chiefs: Cassel (god he's overrated)

    Raiders: Jeff Garcia

    Lions: Stafford

    Buccaneers: Leftwich

    49ers: Shaun Hill

    Matt Cassel only started 15 games. Tom Brady started the first game, before getting hurt.

  • New York Jets: Mark Sanchez

    Cleveland Browns: Brady Quinn

    Kansas City Chiefs: Matt Cassel

    Oakland Raiders: Jeff Garcia

    Detroit Lions: Matt Stafford

    Tampa Bay: Byron Leftwich

    San Francisco: Alex Smith

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    Jets: Clemens

    Browns: Quinn, but both will probably end up starting at some point in the season.

    Chiefs: Thigpen. From a few rumors I have felt out, Cassel does not have the starting job won, and Thigpen is fighting tooth and nail for it. And yes, I am admitting I am emo for Thigpen, and if I were single....But even if Cassel starts, we wont win till we go back to getting Thiggy with it (Yes, I was the one that had that sign! CHIEFS! CHIEFS CHIEFS CHIEFS!!!!!!!!)

    Raiders: Russell has to start, he makes too much money not to. Its not even a real competition in Oakland, but I agree...they wont win till Garcia is under center.

    Lions: Culpepper. Just the opposite of Oakland, they spent too much money on a rookie to allowed him to be murdered by 16 opposing defenses. Culpepper might as well be a crash test dummy.

    49'ers. Hill. He is really the ONLY choice. Seriously, what are they going to do, start Smith or friggin Huard?

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    Who cares? It's the BROWNS. Anways... They're in a lose lose situation. Derek Anderson needs an ELITE offensive line to function with pro bowl possibilities. Brady Quinn can function without the ELITE line, but he still is a worthless QB. QB who relies on the OL > worthless QB Anderson is much better than Quinn either way, but sadly it looks like the Browns are in for another pitiful season, just this time behind the reigns of Brady Quinn. Sorry Cleveland.

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    It goes Sanchez, Quinn, Cassel, Russell, Stafford, Freeman, and Hill in my opinion!

    Source(s): just watchimg them play lol
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    JETS- SANCHEZ- better player and alot of money put into him

    BROWNS- QUINN- lot better qb then anderson

    CHIEFS- CASSEL- learned from brady had great last season.

    RAIDERS-RUSSELL-garcia couldn't make it in Detroit :(

    LIONS-STAFFORD- for 70 million he better be ready

    BUCCANEERS-FREEMAN-the other two suck with the teams they were on so why not give the rookie they shoot.

    49ERS-HILL-smith has proven plenty she is not the starter.

    Source(s): hope this helps you out. football fan for over 25 years GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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