Old movie set in future....?

Back in the early 90s I saw a movie where a family lived in a futuristic house. They had this weird window or something that transported them to different places. The only part I really remember is when the two kids (a boy and a girl) get stuck in a jungle of sorts with I think a lion going after them? It wasn't a cartoon and it was definitely older than from the 90s.

Any thoughts?


Okay it's not jumanji. I said it was an old movie- I just happened to see it in the early 90s.

They all wore white (typical in futuristic movies) It was like a television screen/window type thing. Call it a portal if you will.

Update 2:

Also, they were like literally placed in Africa. Probably by the villain.

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    There are several versions of Ray Bradbury's short story "The Veldt":

    The Illustrated Man (1969)

    starring Rod Steiger (multiple roles), Claire Bloom (multiple roles), Robert Drivas

    IMDb review:

    This film is based on an anthology of Bradbury's short stories by the same title. Only three are selected: "The Last Night of the World", "The Long Rain" and "The Veldt". The latter is about a virtual reality playroom of "free involvement and instantaneous atmosphere". It all starts when carnival worker turned cursed drifter Carl (Rod Steiger) meets up with transient Willie (Robert Drivas) and reveals his "skin illustrations" (don't ever call them tattoos). Unfortunately, Carl's beautiful artwork transmits realistic stories in paranormal emissions to whoever stares long enough, which gets the stories started. // Steiger's then-wife Claire Bloom co-stars with him, both in multiple roles.


    YouTube has the complete film. Here's Part 1:


    Youtube thumbnail


    "The Veldt" starts at 7:12 in this part:


    Youtube thumbnail


    The Ray Bradbury Theater episode titled "The Veldt"

    originally aired November 10, 1989, as Episode 11 of Season 3


    You might have seen this one.

    There also are French and Russian versions.

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    Are you sure there was a window? This kinda sounds like Jumaji. There was a boy a girl and a board game, and the jungle started to grow in their living room. Years later the producers even came out with like a part two called Zathura, but that was two boys and a girl and that took them to outer space.

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    I think you're getting a couple of movies mixed up.

    The one with the two kids and the lion in the jungle is Jumanji. Never heard of the other one.

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    Google any sci-fi classics. 2000 leagues under the sea Planet of the Apes Day the Earth Stood Still War of the World Time Machine there are a lot. Make sure you check the originals and not the remakes.

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    never heard of it never will never seen it never want to never will

    p.s. if you havent figured this out yet, i aint interested

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