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Where can i get a wire fox terrier?

I want a wire fox terrier and i live in Hollywood, FL. I could either adopt one or buy one but i hear they are expensive and i only have 250 dollars because my mom is not going to give me more than that..=-/

Well thanks and if you can give me any help i would greatly appreciate it.

Any websites or breeders or shelters that you know that have wire fox terriers? THANKS!


My mom will pay for vaccines and food and all the other stuff but i just have to find the dog...

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    You can't get a reputably bred puppy for $250.00 You can however, apply to adopt a dog (and can find some for that price) if your mother will help you & go with you to indicate the family (not just you) is supportive of the decision to add a dog to your household. would be one of your best bets. Fill in your zip code & the breed of dog you are interested in (left margin). Dogs will be listed from closest to you to furthest away. Look for the name of the national Wire Fox Terrier club (at go to their site for good info on the breed & a list of who heads up national rescue for the breed. You can also contact them, for others doing rescue who may not list on Pet finder. Going to your local shelter may also be a good idea.

    Source(s): 25 years in dogs, 14 years in rescue work.
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    Wow. Lucky you. $250 is a lot of money for a person such as you to have saved up. But, if mom won't give you more how will you feed this dog and who's going to pay for the vet? something to think about. My daughter got a chihuahua for free and that dog has cost us more than the 2 Yorkies we bought for over $2000! Crazy or what? And guess who paid for that and the food and picked up the poop and gave it a bath and walked it and trained it? Needless to say, we gave the chihuahua away to a more deserving set of parents.

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    Highly unlikely you'll find one in a local shelter as they aren't very common.

    You could save your money and wait until you have enough ($1,000+) to purchase from a *reputable* breeder or try to adopt a Wired Fox Terrier from this rescue:

    If you can only afford a $250 dog maybe it's not the time to own one...

    As it is costly with supplies, vet check-ups, and food adding up.

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    Who's buying the dog food?

    Who's paying the vet bills?

    Who's buying the collars and leashes and flea treatments?

    Who's paying the groomer?

    Learn more about the breed here:

    Once you're sure you want a Wire Fox and that you and your mom can handle one, check here for your local shelters:

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    The Wheaten Terrier is of a wonderful character which can be trained by a caring and loving family like any other dog only exceptions are security dogs which need to be trained for a specific purpose. These two types of terrier are bred for two different purposes the benefit's have to be looked at carefully. Firstly the wire haired terrier is a lively chap ok they may need some firm handling but at the end of the day you have a loyal working dog. As we breed Wheaten terriers and have bred other breeds as well for over 30 years find they are comical well behaved yet always full of life and energy. We recommend you ask the soft coated wheaten terrier club if you can visit someone with one close to you and then if you still like the dog then you have to be vetted with regards to being suitable owners as you will know that both you and the dog are matched for life. The wheatens other benefit is that it doesn't not moult hairs all over the place but does need grooming due to its teddy bear coat. hope this helps you

  • 1 decade ago is the website that helped me out the most, i found both of my dogs on it. paid 200 for one and 250 for the other. you can always offer a breeder your amount. My female was 500 but i had a very good reason for my offer. So they took my offer, but i had to drive 20 hours. It was totally worth it.

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    Try to go to your local shelter!

    There are many dogs who desperately need homes!

    Or go to..

    And enter your info.

    Here's a page with dogs near you:

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