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ok, so me and my friend had this im conversation two days ago, and i just wanted to know in your opinion, who handled the situation better in your opinion. it started when one person wrote on their aim status "blank name, i didnt do anyhthing so keep living ur life as a lie" i will tell u who i am once i hav alot of answers!!! u rock so much if u answer!!!

Elizabeth:uve got ur thing wrong, remember, ur the liar, not me!!!!


Elizabeth:im not the one who fails every test!!!!!


Elizabeth: anymore

Ashley: at least i dont get upset about that i fail unlike u dog

Elizabeth:ya i do get upset when i fail because i actually care about how i do and i take pride in my work, and believe it or not thats a good thing....u can go all u want not caring if u fail, but im gonna b the one who goes on and does good in life

Ashley: really but remember u were the 1 who said im going to fail in my life remember or are u just so stupid u cant remember

Ashley: i went there

Elizabeth: and when did i say that?

Ashley: i told u. u r so stupid to know

Elizabeth: im not the stupid one of the two. trust me i am not. who is the one who has gotten honor roll every single time?!?!?!?

Ashley: who is the second 1??? u again????

Elizabeth: nope, u


Ashley: ya u r such a nerd u had to put a comma

Elizabeth: ok so im goin from stupid to nerd, cuz that makes since....

Ashley: ya that is right it suits ur self perfectly!!!

Elizabeth: whatev im actually gonna get good grades and get somewhere in life, i would rather be a "nerd" than fail everything

Elizabeth: just watch, 20 years from now, im actually gonna have a career and loits of $$$ and a husband and family while ur gonna not have even gone to college,,,,

Ashley: excuse me i dont fail every thing dog and im getting honor roll. so i would not be talking with ur ugly voive

Ashley: um u really need to rethink that honey or should i say dog

Ashley: and who would ever want to marry u

Elizabeth: yay, honor roll one, woohoo!!!

Elizabeth: lots of people

Ashley: um thats not my first 1 dog again

Elizabeth: u can go ahead call me dog as much as u want i really could not care less

Ashley: are u sure bc u r so ugly i just want o throw up on u and i guess that will make u a lot more pretty o wait nvm that will make ur soooooomuch uglier!!!!

Ashley: watch out bc i can say some other words other then just dog


Elizabeth: ur just insecure. i actually have confidence and i know im pretty and have real friends. i dont have to say bad things to make myself feel better.

Ashley: bad words dont make me feel any better

Ashley: okay name 1 person that told u u r pretty bc its not me

Elizabeth: u r trying to make urself feel bettr by insulting other people

Ashley: um no im so happy right now u dont understand

Elizabeth: and that would b alot of people

Elizabeth: ok just deny it, go ahead...

Ashley: like who prob the only people n ur family

Ashley: ddny whart

Elizabeth: nope actually tons of people

Elizabeth: what did u say???

Ashley: like who and o wait dont lie about it

Elizabeth: y should i tell u

Ashley: bc i want to know

Elizabeth: sry the list would b too long...

Ashley: ya sure!!!!! whatve

Ashley: i know a lot people who think u r as ugly as shot

Elizabeth: name them

Elizabeth: dont lie

Ashley: um im not going to say bc they r my true friends and im not going to blow a secret unlike u

Ashley: how many bfs have u had o wait prob none bc u r so ugky

Elizabeth: ya sure. i really dont care u r insecure, and u always have been. just go ahead and have fun failing in life. its my bday and im not gonna keep talking to u. oh and dont not go to lws party cuz of me cuz shes one of ur bffs

Ashley: thats right shes is my bff. thats okay i just talked to her and i told her im not going so have so much fun lieing about me to all ur so called bffs

Elizabeth: y not?

Ashley: bc ur ugly face will be there and i dont want to throw up

Ashley: about it

Elizabeth: u r so insecure...goodbye

Ashley: and bc ur bathing suit will b too tighgt and im not in the mood to c ur bobs

Ashley: boobs

Elizabeth: insecure....

24 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer.

Additional Details

oh, and if u dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all!!! and we r only 11 years old, and we r not gonna have good grammar or spelling in this, its an aim conversation!!!!


sry!!! wrong section!!!!! but plz answer anyway!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    elizabeth clearly, ashleys view isnt too great, but hey you guys are 11 you'll work it out. And im assuming ashley doesn't have boobs. haha, wowww..

    well, i hope you guys work it out, it sounds ridicoulas

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  • 1 decade ago

    So first off i'm glad you added that you were only eleven. Now i would say that from the messages it looks as if Ashley started it first by the name calling. But nobody here is the better person because the both of you kept going on about who is better then who which is so childish. So i really couldn't say who went better about the situation.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I can tell yall are only 11.

    But this reminds me of me and an old friend. She used to call me dog.

    But like screw her. Haha. She obviously is an idiot. The one Ashley.

    I don't know who you are. But Ashley just needs to shut her ******* mouth.

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  • Well, i guess Elizabeth handled it better...but, you were both immature. Real friends can work these things out without being...catty. Insults wont get you anywhere.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sorry, but neither of you handled that well. I am guessing you are Elizabeth....but...if you really need to know, Elizabeth handled it better. Next time, you need to just let it go.

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  • 1 decade ago

    how could you type what you and ur friend said ??? and you both are not handling the fight right ,u r both insecure ! so that was a lame fight to

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  • 1 decade ago

    ugh....thats sooo high school...come visit the real world

    lol jk dont mean to be harsh but whats the point in fighting over useless stuff?

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  • 4 years ago

    particularly frankly, you're the two immature. and you the two have poor grammar yet, i think of Elizabeth is ideal. being clever IS what concerns interior the long-term, that's what gets you places in life.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly, I thought that was pointless fight and immature comebacks.

    Well anyway, back to earth. Just ignore her... And don't start any conversation if she intends to or even if you get tempted to.

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  • 1 decade ago

    neither of u handled it well. and if ur friends y r u putting each other down like that?

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