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Greatest Super Bowl ever?

My fave: New England 32, Carolina 29 - 2003

This is why. There was defense (no points score for the first 27 minutes) then a flurry of touchdowns (24 points scored in the final 3 minutes). The fourth quarter was the highest scoring in Super Bowl history (37 points). The Patriots were up 21-10, and looked to be done with it. Then Carolina makes a comeback, scoring a touchdown, and then making a key interception in the endzone when New England looked as if it was going to put it away. Jake Delhomme then, on 3rd and 10 with 7 min left in the 4th, his team down 21-16, throws the longest pass play in Super Bowl history (85 yards) to Mohammed for the touchdown AND the lead, 22-21. Tom Brady calmly drives his team down again in the fourth quarter and scores a TD with 2:51 to go, also converting the 2 pointer, giving his team a 29-22 lead. It looks to be over. Carolina and Delhomme then drive down and tie on a touchdown pass from Delhomme to Proehl with 1:08 left, and the score is 29-29. Jon Kasay then kicks the ball out of bounds on a crucial kick, giving the Patriots the ball at the 40. Brady drives his team down to the Panthers 23 with :08 seconds left after four completions, including a long one to Branch to set up Vinatieri's game winning 41 yard FG. He hits it, and the Patriots win 32-29 in the final seconds.

The reason I don't think of Giants Patriots or say Colts Cowboys as on pas with this game is because while the last few minutes were thrilling, the whole game wasn't exhilarating like this one was. It was both an offensive and defensive showdown, plus it was a great quarterback duel: Brady through a Super Bowl record 32 completions for 354 yards while Delhomme threw for 323 yards, both throwing for 3 touchdowns.


I personally don't believe the Giants Patriots one was that exciting, except until the last 7 min or so. Then it was on par with the 2003 Super Bowl, I'll give you that. But the rest of the game was boring with no scoring, unlike the Pats Panthers game.

Update 2:

Ha and I love how people have such a short memory. Yes I would call the Rams Titans one better than the Cardinals Steelers or Pats Giants. Cardinals Steelers was good, but certainly not better than Super Bowls XXXVIII, XLII, XXXVI, or XXXIV. The Steelers were only down 3 and could have tied it, but the Giants weren't and had to score a TD. Rams had to stop Titans on the 1 yard line. Patriots drove down to win in field goal in last seconds, (0:00 and 0:04) unlike the Steelers, who left, what, 35 seconds on the clock? It was very exciting, yes, but the others were better.

How about this: let's just agree that in the past 10 years or so, we've been spoiled with the best Super Bowls ever, and at least 5 or so nail-biters. I believe the top 5 of all time (maybe except for Dallas Pittsburgh 35-31) are in the past decade. Broncos Packers was good too.

Update 3:

Yeah I said Super Bowl, not "finish", which is what you took into account. I'm taking into account the first three quarters.

Update 4:

I'm sorry, I kinda just disrespected the 20-16 SB and the 20-19 SB. Those were great games, but the only one I'd put in the top 5 would be the 20-19 SB.

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    I live a little over an hour from Oakland so the area is pretty saturated with their fans. Win, Lose or Draw Raider fans have to be some of the most obnoxious people I have ever met especially when your in "ground zero".

    That being said nothing was better for me than to watch them get bent over the proverbial counter top by the ex-Raider chief Gruden and the Bucs. To be at the Superbowl party I went to and watch these clowns losing their minds and starting fights out of frustration was classic.

    Raiders fans feel free to mark me down for this.

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    I don't deal with other peoples "rules" very well

    My favorite, was the 1980 Steelers win over the Rams

    Super Bowl XIV

    the whole game went back and forth, neither team had more than a touchdown lead, till the last few minutes, when the Steelers won, 31-19

    it was almost a home game for the Rams,

    their home field was the Coliseum, (West LA)

    and the game was played at the Rose Bowl (Pasadena)

    there were more Steelers fans there, than Rams fans

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    Patriots versus Giants. I mean, I know there wasn't a lot of scoring in the first three quarters, but you said greatest super bowl ever, so I'm taking into account the whole game, and the end of that game, along with the underdog story, easily makes it the best superbowl ever.

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    2008 Patriots vs Giants

    the HUGE upset

    Ginats coming back from down 4 ,last 2 minute drivein response to randy mosses touchdown. David Tyree catch from Eli Manning. And the manning to Burress touchdown

    Giants win 17-14

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    The Pats and Giants..I'm not a Giant fan but i hate the Pats with a was hilarious to see the Pats lose..

  • i agree with you the pats 2003 superbowl victory was the most exciting superbowl i have seen in this decade, with all the scoring going backward and forward it was a good game to see!:)

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    2000, rams and Titans, came down till the last play and they came up a yard short

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    you ask a question then you make up a bunch of rules of what we can and cannot say.

    i am going with Giants beating the "unbelievable, unbeatable" Patriots in 08.

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    that was goo dtoo but Arizona vs Steelers was exciting.Pats and Giants was exciting.

    ARZ and PIt was better.

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    this years Super Bowl (XLIII) is in line for one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time.

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