(Depressed)I do need some advice. please?

Hi, Im currently going through depression I am seeing a psychiatrist and a counselor, and it does attend to get overwhelming just talking about my depression with them and things just get overwhelming and it tuckers me out and Im wondering is there anyway that I can get a social worker to meet with me on a weekly bases and just to get things off my chest and help things in my personal life (goals) etc going. I live on my own my parents passed away (5/6) years ago, and I feel lonely and isolated I have no family that talks to me including my siblings (they always been that way). I have a wonderful friend whom I love dearly and she is busy and I understand that. I just wanting to talk to someone outside the mental health profession and work on my personal goals with some help and not feel like a label all the time and get out of the house for an hour or so and just kind of reflect on things with someone and just work on things and get things in motion.

This is all new to me and I do need someone there while Im going through personal issues too. (I only can handle so much like an human can).

How do I get a social worker?

Do I ask my doctor to refer me to one?


I do have a job (To keep me busy) but everyone needs someone right Im trying to build a postive network while Im going through my depression and personal issues.

Medication isn't going to help make changes to my personal situation I only can do so much and I do need a little help along the way that's why Im hoping a social worker can help me work one and to get point of views on.


I live in Canada and I don't know how to acess a social worker.

Update 2:

I live in Canada and I don't know how to acess a social worker.

Update 3:

(Sorry about the double posting my internet isn't working properly).

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    Depending on where in Canada you live, I'm sure there is some kind of Community Mental Health Clinic..Here in the states we have them and there you can get access to a case-manager or community support person. I know, as I have worked as one before. I would contact your Dr. and ask them to refer you to someone in your area to help you. Your right in that medication can only do so much, I'm sorry your dealing with everything you are. If you need anyone to talk to and vent to etc, feel free to email me and I can be a sounding board anytime you need something. kitnkaboodle8@yahoo.com

    Source(s): Bachelor's Degree in Social Work in 1999 10 years experience working in Mental Health
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  • You can talk to me on msn if you want. Just email me, and I will add you.

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