Home school curriculum question?

Can anyone recommend a good home school curriculum for preschool-5th grade?

I am totally new to this and have been searching the Internet, but all I seem to be able to find is Online "Academies" that offer to educate the kids through a virtual classroom (for the price of a couple thousand dollars).

I want to be involved and actually teach my kids, not just turn them loose on the computer. (I guess I am confused because I see no difference between that and just sending them to public school).

Anyway, any suggestions for a curriculum that uses textbooks, handouts, workbooks, etc.?

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    There are a lot of great textbook curricula out there.

    For preschool I really like Sonlight. (sonlight.com) It is a literature based curriculum that uses library books to teach a lot of the concepts. The children learn to read real books like Dr. Seuss and the I Can Read It Collection. Sonlight is very hands on. My 14 and 17 year old still enjoy the Sonlight books, although we are using it now to enhance another curriculum. Although Sonlight is considered a Christian Curriculum you can omit the Bible Subject and the missionary stories from the curriculum if desire without affecting the program. The catalog clearly identifies these books.

    There is a variety of Bible Based textbook curricula available.

    ABeka, Alpha Omega Horizons Curriculum, Bob Jones, and Christian Liberty all offer traditional Textbook Curricula

    Another, less expensive option in Christian Curriculum is the Work Text programs like Alpha Omega LifePacs. The worktexts are a series of 10 worktexts per subject per year. Everything is included in these worktexts, the lessons, the quizzes and the unit tests. The Teacher guides include additional activities and worksheets you can photo copy as needed.

    You can also look into secular programs such as

    Calvert School, Homeschool Curriculum Shop, Curriculum Services,

    I especially like Math U See (mathusee.com) for elementary Mathematics and Teaching Textbooks (teachingtextbooks.com) for Algebra and higher level maths.

    You can also purchase mix and match curriculum from a variety of vendors such as:





    Be sure to maintain accurate records. Homeschool Tracker (homeschooltracker.com) offers an excellent free record keeping program. If you plan to homeschool through high school, you may want to upgrade to the Plus version so you can print a high school transcript so for college admissions.

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    Give yourself and your children a trip to your local "homeschool curriculum fair". You can find out thru your local homeschool group when the next one will be in your area. That way, both you and your children can touch, look, read, ask questions, take catalogs, snag samples, get ideas.... for little to no money!

    Some children like real pictures in their books, others prefer drawings and others don't like pictures but prefer stories. So being able to take some of these books in your hand can really help you choose the right curriculum for you!

    What worked for us in the lower grades were:

    Workbooks from the local teacher stores (and some can be found at toy stores)

    Print-outs from the internet (Google the subject plus +worksheet)

    A Beka (Christian) textbooks, tests, test answer booklets.

    Spectrum Math (Workbook)

    ENasco (workbooks, learning kits in science)

    Library....!!! Books, magazines, videos (ie: Nature Series)

    And the world outside (field trips, museums, zoos, art galleries, veterinarians...ect)

    Don't ever forget: Have fun!

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    There is a great website- http://homeschooling.gomilpitas/ that will give you a TON of fantastic information regarding anything to do with homeschooling. I also like www.homeschoolreviews.com This website will give you personal opinions and experiences with just about every homeschool curriculum out there! As far as my own experiences, I really enjoy picking and chosing from a variety of different teaching tools. For example, we use Saxon for math, Exploring Creation With... series for Science, a variety of different vocabulary builders, grammar/sentence structure books, LOTS of fiction and non-fiction books ( I make up a reading list each year for my children), etc...

    There are also MANY websites where you can get great worksheets and lesson plans absolutely free! Some of my favorite include:







    Last of all, if you are looking for a guide as to what your child should be taught each year, you can go to www.worldbook.com They have typical course of study guidelines for grades preschool-12th grade. I also really enjoy the series of books called "What Your _____ grader Needs To Know."

    I hope this helped a bit. Have a great evening.

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    If you are interested in boxed curricula I would suggest looking into (in order from my fav to least fav):





    If you don't mind buying individual subjects here is what we have used for the last few years:

    Great Science Adventures- http://www.commonsensepress.com/greatsci...

    REAL Science Odyssey and History Odyssey http://www.pandiapress.com/

    Easy Grammar Easy Writing- http://www.easygrammar.com/index2.html

    Writing Strands-http://www.writing-strands.com/home.asp

    Handwriting Without Tears-http://www.hwtears.com/

    Singapore Math-http://www.singaporemath.com/Mathematics...

    Most if not all of the above can be purchased from the publishers’ websites or

    http://www.rainbowresource.com/index.php and


    I did not include a spelling or phonics curriculum above as my daughter is older. We really did not have older luck with finding a good fit for either subject other than Spellingtime for spelling: http://www.spellingtime.com/

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    I absolutely LOVE Sonlight! My kids love it too. I has pretty much everything you are looking for and lesson plans to top it off so there is less planning for you! You have to add math and a science core.

    For math we use Math U See. It is a DVD based program my kids really like the teacher. He has this way of making it really easy for them.

    Good Luck! Home school has changed our lives for the better!

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    Why wait? You've been teaching them all along. Start now! Show your dear, husband how homeschooling can work for your family! By the time "school age" rolls around, you'll be in the groove. I believe, that the trick with little kids is to keep "lessons" fun and short. 10-15 minutes at a time, several times a day, is plenty for a preschooler. Intersperse this with lots of play and you'll have a winner. The younger they are, the shorter and more game-like teaching time should be. Read aloud! Read aloud and read aloud some more. Kids can usually understand 3-4 grade levels above their own reading level. The more you read aloud, the better off they'll be. I believe, that if you teach children to love reading, it won't be long before you're obsolete as their "teacher." Then, you'll be a facilitator and can guide them on a wonderful learning journey. You may also want to find studies showing the benefits of being a homeschooler. If your husband is the logical type, the studies and the proof you provide in your daily lives will pull him in. Enjoy your homeschooling journey! Remember homeschool isn't a place. It's what you do!

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    Just Wondering...

    Lots to choose from in homeschool curriculum. For example:

    Switched-On Schoolhouse is good, which you can find here:


    You can find BJU Press here:


    Saxon Math:


    Teaching Textbooks:


    See links also on Record Keeping, New to Home School, etc.

    Good luck!

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    We love, love ,love

    Sonlight Curriculum

    Excellence in Writing

    And Aleks math

    Best of Luck!



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