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What's it like being a private investigator? Can they carry guns? Does it have to be a secret that your a PI?

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    First, what is your definition of a Private Investigator? The general public thinks a PI is like those characters you see on TV/Movies. I have been a PI for many-many years and provide a professional service to mostly government and major corporations. A so-called PI can primarily be divided into 2 categories: Those that focus on collecting information, and those that targets evidence. Like you have specialists within law enforcement agencies specifically trained to investigate certain matters, so you will find a PI (based on his experience and training), will focus on certain cases.

    The investigation industry, if you are a person that likes adrenaline rushes and be challenged by creative thinking, can be very rewarding both financially and on a personal level.

    Personally, I do not like to be referred to as a Private Investigator or PI.A Government Investigator, doesn't matter for which dept you work, receive special training and act in accordance with specific laws which amongst others gives them special investigative rights like search and seizures. A PI doesn't have such special rights. Notwithstanding, this has never hampered me and I always get my man, take him to court and have him convisted.

    I never carry a gun and to date never had the need to.

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    Yes they can carry weapons in accordance with local state laws.

    No it does not have to be a secret, and in most states the licensing of a PI is public record.

    On most days it is long boring and thankless, alot of time spent in research and on the internet. Rarely do you ever confront anyone, but spend alot of time waiting to get a picture or a video of someone doing something they should not be doing.

    Source(s): 16 years as a Public Safety Officer
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