Why can't Pidgin connect to Yahoo anymore?

I run Linux and I have been using Pidgin with Yahoo for ages. Before that I was using GAIM. As of the last few days, connection with the yahoo server has been nearly impossible, in fact I cannot get there with Meebo or several other clients.

I use this as a tool when I am repairing computers or coaching clients and it is now costing me time and aggravation, not to mention money. Is there an alternative that will work without having to run a web browser and what is causing this problem?

Thanks in advance.


Pidgin is an instant messenger that works on the Linux Platform. It handles many Instant Messenger protocols at once, ICQ, IRC, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and others.

Update 2:

Some other versions of Messengers for Linux report the following message.

"Warning: This version of Messenger will expire on August 15, 2009. Please upgrade to the latest version: http://messenger.yahoo.com/download ."

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    From https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin/+...

    This seems to be both a Yahoo problem and a Pidgin problem. It's a Pidgin problem in that it seems to be limited to those running Pidgin 2.4.1 (or possibly earlier), it doesn't seem to be a problem on Pidgin 2.5.2. Depending on your distro, upgrading it could resolve your problem.

    It's also a yahoo problem in that it shows up in Kopete and other chat clients, and replacing scs.msg.yahoo.com as the server in the Pidgin accounts setup with the IP address of a Yahoo server, say,, fixes it. You can choose any of the yahoo servers below: - - - - - - - - .......... etc. ...170....171....172...

    Then simply disable your Yahoo account after doing the replacement, and then re-enable it and it will work.

    Of the two options I've done the latter. I suspect, however, that this is not the optimum fix, as scs.msg.yahoo.com probably aliases to any of these yahoo IP addresses, depending on their relative availability and load. So being able to continue to use the alias (scs.msg.yahoo.com) by upgrading is probably the best fix. If you do want to continue with your current release and Pidgin 2.4.1, and encounter a problem loggin into yahoo sporadically, you can change the server IP address to another yahoo IP (say, to and it would work.

    Hope this helps.


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    I am having the same yahoo-pidgin problem, and it is ticking me off.

    Kopete seems to still be able to connect to yahoo, though.

    Not sure what that means...

    [EDIT] whatever the problem was, it seems to have resolved itself.

    [RE-EDIT] Stewart's fix seems to work. FWIW, I,m having this problem on Pidgin2.5.1. Sporadic nature of problem _seems_ to indicate a dead server in yahoo's pool, but "what do I know"...

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    I had the same problem. Disabling and re-enabling your account seems to fix it (Accounts menu in Pidgin).

    You can also find some answers on this topic here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin/+... (I haven't tested it myself)

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    I believe Yahoo has done this on purpose to make you use their IM client. This means they are incredible assholes and also means I'm dumping all my Yahoo stuff for good - some of which I have paid for. I hope they go bankrupt

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    i had same problem until i ran pidgin as root in terminal and its work fine

    bye the way i did not change any of default configuration

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    What is Pidgin?

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