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What do u think of my fav boy’s names?

1. Maddox Michael

2. Colton Thomas

3. Liam Joseph

4. Declan Wyatt

5. Preston William

6. Griffin Alexander

7. Broden Matthew

8. Levi Lawrence

9. Nolan Nathaniel

10. Owen Oliver

11. Jaggar James

12. Talon Christopher

13. Arion Gabriel

14. Kaliff Noah

15. Keifer Jackson

16. Solon Ross

17. Reagan Benjamin

18. Corbin Isaiah

19. Jayden Elijah

20. Sawyer Tobias

21. Cooper Robert

Please RATE and COMMENT on them, and then please put them in the ORDER that u like them.

Thanx, :D.


LSJBC – Britney Spears having a son named Preston is preciously how I started loving the name, lol, she’s my fav singer. Reagan is said RAY-gen. Lol Jaggar it’s a weapon, a Dagger is a weapon.

Lol I like the double letters ones, and Levi Lawrence I didn’t come up with it’s my nephews name, and then Maddox Michael is my son’s name lol. And thanx, but I like the names just like they are, lol.

sugar sweet – Sorry I prefer Broden to Brayden, but thanx.

No Solon is not like Hair Salon, it’s said (SOLE en)

J&C H – No they aren’t gonna be a baby forever and no they won’t hate me for trying to be cute, cuz the names are very cute for babies but will also work for kids, teens, and adults as well.

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    Declan Wyatt is my favorite - 10/10

    Griffin Alexander - 10/10 - I LOVE Griffin but it seems to be getting popualr

    Maddox Michael - 9/10 - I love it but not a fan of the double M sounds

    Sawyer Tobias - 9/10 - I love Sawyer, my only concern is that it might turn unisex like Camden did but it's very boyish to me

    Keifer Jackson - 8/10 - I know the cutest baby named Keifer

    Preston William - 8/10 - this is cute just to Brittany Spears for me

    Jayden Elijah - 7/10 - I love it but so popular

    Talon Christopher - 7/10 - Talon is cute

    Corbin Isaiah 7/10 - I like it but only think of Carbon when I hear it.

    Cooper Robert - 6/10 - it's okay just the flow is off

    Reagan Benjamin 6/10- cute but is it RAY-gen or REEgen ?

    Colton Thomas - 5/10 - I prefer just Cole , Colton is so cowboy to me

    Owen Oliver - 5.5/10 - I love both names just not together

    Levi Lawrence - 5/10 I love Levi not Lawrence

    Liam Joseph - 4.5/10 - I prefer Liam as a nickname for William

    Jagger James - 4/10 - I don't like weapons as names

    Kaliff Noah - 4/10 - I love Noah just it's so popular hate Kaliff

    Broden Mathew - 4/10 It's okay I just prefer Brody Matthew though

    Nolan Nathaniel - 3/10 - to much n's for me

    I don't really like Arion Gabriel or Solon Ross at all.

    I also don't like how you did the JJ , OO, LL, NN initials thing. It makes the names kind of sound like a tongue twister but I like Maddox Michael. They aren't that bad though if you did a few switching around with the first and middle names the flow of the names would sound a lot better.

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    11.Maddox Michael… no

    1.Colton Thomas

    12.Liam Joseph.. no

    17.Declan Wyatt .. no

    5. Preston William

    16.Griffin Alexander.. not Griffen, but Alex is ok

    6. Broden Matthew.., what about Brayden Matthew?

    9. Levi Lawrence …no

    13.Nolan Nathaniel…no


    21.Jaggar James..nope

    4. Talon Christopher…eh

    14. Arion Gabriel …no

    20.Kaliff Noah..nope

    15.Keifer Jackson …no

    19.Solon Ross..what? like hair salon?

    10. Reagan Benjamin..nah

    3. Corbin Isaiah… maybe

    2. Jayden Elijah… ok

    8. Sawyer Tobias… nah

    7. Cooper Robert.. maybe

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    I like:

    Liam Joseph

    Owen Oliver

    I am neutral on:

    Maddox Michael

    Colton Thomas

    Preston William

    Griffin Alexander

    Levi Lawrence

    Keifer Jackson

    Corbin Isaiah

    Jayden Elijah

    Sawyer Tobias

    Cooper Robert

    I dislike:

    Declan Wyatt

    Broden Matthew

    Nolan Nathaniel

    Jaggar James

    Talon Christopher

    Arion Gabriel

    Kaliff Noah

    Solon Ross

    Reagan Benjamin

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    Colton Thomas

    Declan Wyatt

    *Preston William

    Griffin Alexander

    *Broden Matthew

    Levi Lawrence

    Nolan Nathaniel

    Talon Christopher

    *Keifer Jackson

    Corbin Isaiah

    *Jayden Elijah

    i just took out the ones i didnt like as much and put stars next to the ones that are my favs well i hope this helps:)

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    1. Liam Joseph- I love the name Liam it's so darn cute!

    2. Corbin Isaiah- I think Isaiah is ah adorable name.

    3.Preston William- Preston is a cute but not super common name.

    Those are the ones i like the rest are really different.

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    Cute. for a baby. IS this little person going to be a baby for ever? Is this person going to hate you for trying to be cute?

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    I like Broden Matthew... then he can call him Brody

  • 1 decade ago

    1. no







    10.kind - of





    21. no ( i like cooper but not with robert )

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