Can We afford not to change?

Eli Lilly pushed a drug for dimensia and knew that it wasn't effective. Common sense is one thing, but people with dimensia aren't aware of what the drug is for... they base their decisions on what the doctor says who is going by what Lily told him... likewise Airlines are having maintenance performed in foreign countries far from the FAA over seeing the work, Parts are purchased from foreign suppliers.. example.. I worked for a major airline and they were buying overhauled engine fan blades from a company in Brownsville TX (Blades were worth 6,000 dollars each)... the blades were overhauled in Mexico and brought back into the United States with a servicable tag on them. An inspector at our Airline happened to remember that he had seen a blade serial number once before. He had rejected it for being out of limits 6 months earlier and it was sold for scrap... It was sent out of the country as scrap and then came back in with the tag. If the inspector had not noticed the serial number, you could have been on that airplane. This story happened before deregulation and you can imagine what it is like now. A few years ago bolts were brought into the country that were inferior... they used the wrong steel for aircraft use... Mechanics were tightening bolts and they would break off. Get my point... the dollar can be a strong influence and can not be the deciding factor... there has to be regulation. Usury laws are another example... Read about them... where banks and cards can up you interest limit for any reason. The banking and insurance industry are the most recent example of operating under the radar without regulation, but there are many other examples. We all have to stop trusting these right wing idiots and free market advocates and pay attention. It could have been your kid on the airplane and who would you blame. The Airline, the supplier, or your own self induced blindness. By the way they now destroy the blades before sending them out... What do you think?

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  • wizjp
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    1 decade ago
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    Change is what brought us to this point. There was a time where we would never have done those things.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am not anti-capitalist, but capitalism needs certain things to work right. It needs a certain amount of govt. regulation. Too much regulation is as bad as too little, the art is in finding just the right amount.

    I think our problem is that we have let money get too important in politics. Both our parties desperately need a huge amount of money to run campaigns. Hundreds of millions of dollars a year. And since they both get their money from the same sources, you can't expect their agendas to be all that different.

    The 2008 election lasted two full years. This just forced all the candidates to raise that much more money, increasing the importance of money that much more. Richard Nixon spent $25 million to get elected in 1972. Obama spent $600 million! I think that's just outrageous.

    The effect of this is that anyone with money can 'buy' whatever he wants from government. The richest companies--banks and investment firms and brokerage companies, and the leaders of every industry and market--wanted deregulation, so they could make money just as quickly as possible in the short-term. So the Republicans developed an almost religious antipathy to regulation of any kind, and we deregulated to the point of near chaos.

    The airline industry in particular was nearly destroyed by deregulation. Within a year of Reagan's deregulation of airlines every airline in the US except 2 were in bankruptcy. Deregulation of investment and banking led to huge short-term gains and then a crash.

    The airlines still have a very good safety record, so you can't really complain about a little bit of 'cheating'. But a loose standard strongly enforced is much better than a strong standard loosely enforced, which is what we have now.

    The problem is that the Democrats don't really have it in their power to change things. Because of Bush's perceived failure, the Democrats are now pulling in a lot more political contributions, and they don't want to lose that. So they have now taken over the role of corporation-serving party. So Obama's health care reform, for instance, has to keep the big insurance companies in charge, and perpetuate and strengthen their control. Obama is as powerless as Bush was to rein in the big pharmaceutical companies, or to make the FDA do its job.

  • 1 decade ago

    we have changed. From low unemployment and a low deficit to high unemployment and high deficits.

    Liberals and their change have millions out of work.

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