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Ok so im really bored and need some kinda fun strategy game or action game (especilly one where i can cuztomize somthing but as long as its fun its cool) that i can play for hours at a time. or just plain any fun game i can play for hours. NO download crap or anything like that.


"put down the stupid xbox and do somethin with ur life. trust me it gets annoying when all guys do is play videogames, go find a GIRL and talk to her....." in retaliation to this duesh? somthing like that (cant think how to spell it) i HAVE friends and a girlfriend and all but what about when u cant go out every second of evry day!!?!?! some of us dont live RIGHT NEXT TO OUR FRIENDS. I live about a half hour by car away from anything fun or oterwise. And having no car nor drivers liscense and being in junoir high I cat get out much biotch!!!

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    Play a computer game (scrabble, mah jong or bridge for me), read a book or magazine, do crossword puzzles or sudoku, listen to music, watch a movie, write in a journal, play a board game, or answer questions here on yahoo answers. Cook something, clean the house, go for a walk, work out, call a friend, send emails, visit someone, or even go shopping.

    Writing in a journal is an interesting thing to do, especially when you go back weeks or months or even years later and read what you wrote. Buy yourself an interesting blank journal that represents who you are, and start writing your daily thoughts, ideas, and important events. You'll be surprised at how quickly you will look forward to the time you spend with it each day. And it could become a powerful record for posterity.

    Look for a new hobby. Find something that is of particular interest to you. Possibly you might like to begin researching and compiling your family tree. I am sure many members of your family would encourage you with a project such as that. A couple of other things that come to mind that I have found interesting in the past, and they now occupy my grandchildren are learning to do origami (read the story about Sadako and the 1000 paper cranes, and maybe start a paper crane project of your own), and another is learning to tie different knots (most book stores will have a book on the different knots, and it is quite interesting, and also a very useful skill to have).

    Take a class - learn the finer points of digital photography, painting, writing short stories, small appliance repair, playing bridge, dog grooming, pottery, home maintenance, carpentry, plumbing, quilting, scrapbooking, or anything else that is offered in your area. Often you can find classes that are free, or almost free.

    Finally, and probably most importantly, if you find yourself bored often, consider volunteering. It will give you a new focus in your life, and it is a good feeling to help someone less fortunate or more in need than yourself. It can be a life changing experience.

    Boredom is a choice you make, not a state of existence. If you are bored, it is because you are allowing yourself to be bored. Look around you. Most likely you have books, and a wide variety of other possessions. Look at the things around you and think of ways to use them. If there are people around you, think of ways to help those people. Think of others and how to help them, not yourself, and you will never be bored.

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    some of the best games in my opinion are Sims. you can play them for hours with out being bored. some are expensive. i am talking about the people ones. those are the best and i have the total series, from when they first came out to now where its Sims 3 and i cant stop playing. if u wanted a downloaded game the best that i found was Wolf Quest, its great and it helps the Minnesota Zoo and the wolf foundation, i love both games but sims is better, because of the look. and the wolf Quest is free.if u wanted to know.

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    i made this game up when i was young i called it sharks in the dark. you don't need to build anything just have all the lights off. its basically like hid and seek but when you find some one you have to drag them to the light. its actually quite a fun game i played it all the time and never got bored. Also if you play it when your drunk it is even more fun to play. seriously. Im 18 and i still play it with my friends and cousins. if your on your own well you can play 4story which is an online game its kinda like world of war craft really it is. lol. when i was bored i also use to make things out of cardboard and played around with them for ages.

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    Dude this is a HARD game to play...NO DOWNLOAD--PLAY INSTANTLY!!--It's all physics which makes it fun. Try it for free-they give you like 20 levels, which I have only beat half of and I have a lot of spare time at work! Check'm out and see what you think--there is nothing to download from thier site unless you want to buy the whole game. Don't worry, you'll give up before you ever beat the whole Free Version!

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    It is Summer. Go to the beach. Pool. Play in the water hose. Beat your little sister up. Hit Mom and Dad up for cash go to the movies. Cut the yard. Ask your dad to give you his car. If you don't know how to drive, tell him to teach you.

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    better than sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time ... (believe me when you're stuck in an office one day you'll be begging to get away from the computer screen!)...

    take your dog for a walk, go hiking and learn to identify your local wildlife/plantlife, volunteer at a local charity (animal shelter, provide companionship for people in a nursing home, volunteers of america, ymca, boyscouts, habitat for humanity, etc.), call your friends and play basketball or go swimming... :D

    or you could go to yahoo games.

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    You should try:

    Oblivion or

    Mass Effect

    Both good RPG's Lots of gaming Hours!

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    Let me see... is good.

    And the Google software. You have to download, but I think Google Earth's flight simulator, making models in SketchUp, and stuff like that is fun.

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