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Who do you prefer, beach boys or the beatles and why?

I pretty much enjoy both bands the same. I know they are slightly different but there are obvious similarities between them.

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BQ2: Better songwriter, brian wilson or paul mccartney

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    The Beatles.

    The Beach Boys are great, but I love the Beatles because of how much their taste expanded over the decade they were together. I get more out of the Beatles' melodies and lyrics than I ever do with the Beach Boys.

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    BQ2: McCartney

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    The Beatles are immortal when it comes to rock n roll. they opened the door for many other bands. Beach Boys were pretty good, but the Beatles are just awesome

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    BQ2: Paul McCartney

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    i personally prefer beatles.

    of course i am but 15 years old, so i may not know much since i havent lived in their time era...

    paul mccartney i think is a better songwriter, the themes and ideas...i also just personally prefer the essence of emotion i get when listening to the beatles.

    dont get me wrong, beach boys have made their mark on history...but the beatles are just...well the beatles!

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    I don't like The Beatles a whole lot but I do respect them. Their music is just too sugary and poofy for Me, it's like the musical equivalent of cotton candy. However the Beach Boys make Me want to gouge My own face off with a dull spork. So I think I'll choose The Beatles.

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    BA2: McCartney

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  • I enjoy The Beatles more. I guess it's more about their tone. Their songs are more meaningful in my opinion. Something about the Beach Boys has always bugged me, though I could never really pin down what exactly, and have yet to still.

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    BQ2: Paul McCartney, by far, by far. As I said, more meaningful.

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    The Beach Boys I just like their music better but The Beatles are the greater band.

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    BA: Paul

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    I prefer the Beatles more, simply because they create more beautiful, creative songs :)

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    BQ2: Paul McCartney, for the same reason above.

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    The Beatles. They are my favourite band.

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    BQ2: Mccartney

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    the beatles. they have better songs. if the beach boys would have had the lyrics and songs the beatles say, i may have picked them :)

    gehenna -slipknot

    paul mccartney

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    hmm.. i want to say the beatles, but i want to say beach boys.. i like both, but a like different songs.. gerr is this a trick question??

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    BQ2: Paul Maccartney

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