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Where was Jimmy Carter when suicide bombings were going off in Israel everyday?

But he meets with the Hamas leadership and decries Israel.

Anti-semite or just self-serving hypocrite? What do you think?


Kismet: You naughty girl! Plagerizing from an article written by Alan Dershowitz and trying to make us think that your answer originated with you. You should lose your "top" status for sure.

Update 2:

You should know me by now.

Update 3:

JD: Sadat was the leader of a sovereign nation and not the leader of a group of terrorists. To equate one with the other is ignorant.

Update 4:

Cloud: I'm a Jewish American/Israeli. WTF are you?

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    BOTH.. and he is typical of the attitude of many who are not interested in trying to promote true peace between palastine and israel but instead is looking for a conveniant outlet to disguise views that would otherwise be unacceptable

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    As far as I remember, this clown was in Washington, calling to Israel "to make painful concession", more or less in the same manner another clown today is calling Israel "to stop any settlement activity in accordance with the previous agreements", evidently without knowing that the only ‘agreements’ between Israel and the PA are the series of Oslo ‘agreements,’ and none of them categorize any Israeli settlement activity as ‘illegal’” , and evidently not understanding( and this is a lawyer,my God!) the difference between an agreement- and the ‘Joint Understanding on Negotiations ’ (Annapolis) or The Road Map which was just a protocol of intentions with the goals the sides must reach at every stage and the approximate time - tables for reaching them.

    "Anti-semite or just self-serving hypocrite? What do you think?"

    I think an anti-semite ignorant fool.These two things, for some unknown reason, practically always go together.

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    Q. Where was Jimmy Carter when suicide bombings were going off in Israel everyday?

    A. Not close enough.

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    Why do Americans go to Israel serve in the Israeli military and come back to America as if they are true citizens working in our government and spying on this government and passing US secrets to I sraelis? Then they spread propaganda about the Arabs and Muslims making everyone hate ALL ARABS ignoring their own complicity in the genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza. If you do the numbers, more people have been killed by i sraelis than suicide bombers. Killing is killing, it is wrong on both sides. Suicide or F16s - death is death. Why did I srael use white phosphorus against women, men and children? Who cares about Hamas. Stop using Hamas as a campaign to hate Arabs and dismiss Is rael's sins? What is your point? Every since Jimmy Carter wrote the book "Peace Not Apartheid" every zionist has come from under rocks attacking him, dismissing all of the good works this man has done to seek peace in the Middle East for both Jews and Gentiles. You are even attacking Barack Obama, because of the speech he made to the Muslim world. I heard "American" Jews in a video calling our president a N---- and all sorts of racial epithets. Why does the world have to bow to I srael? Anyone that doesn't - is called anti- Semitic. I am an American first, and I stand by Pres. Jimmy Carter's efforts and anyone rather Jewish or non-Jewish who seeks true peace, and is willing to speak the truth. (I have listed the video called Missing LInks for those who will use 9/11 as justification to hate Arabs) Peace to all man kind all races.

    Source(s): One of the most prolific Jewish speaker Norman G. Finkelstein Missing Links American Jews in Israel make racist statements about Obama (So called American traders)
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    I don't think there is anything in the news article to indicate he is anti-semitic.

    I am of course reading the article from a non-racist point of view. But I have no doubts some people will read hate and disdain into the article as racists are prone to doing.

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    Cacker is an Anti-semite and a self-serving hypocrite !

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    He was at the Georgia State Fair in a boiled peanut shellin contest.

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    They said the same thing when he first met with Sadat;

    To answer Both.

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    What a silly question?

    Carter was busy getting petrodollars...

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    Oh I see this is one of those instances where one Zionist post a "question" and another group of zionists answer with some pitiful answer to help the original zionist (the ask-er).

    ok here is one for you where was the whole world when Israel (for the past decades) has killed thousands and disregarded every human right and UN law.

    Ps where was everyone when Israel got beat by Hezbollah?

    Answer watching it on TV and cheering them on.

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