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What celebrity do you think is so good looking, and whats there sign?

I'm a Libra.

First, Leonardo DiCaprio. Hes a Scorpio, but I just saw that most of his houses are in Libra.

And Freida Pinto, (from Slumdog Millionaire) shes a Libra also. I think shes absolutely beautiful!

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    (Venus indicates what you're attracted to, not your Sun, but the Sun and Venus are very close to each other astrologically, so often they fall into the same sign. Check your chart, you might have Venus in Libra or Venus in Scorpio, which would explain your attraction to Mr. DiCaprio. )

    I'm a Capricorn Sun, and my Venus is in Capricorn also.

    Humphrey Bogart (Capricorn)

    Cary Grant (Capricorn)

    Ralph Fiennes (Capricorn)

    Jude Law (You guessed it, Capricorn)

    I also like

    Tommy Lee Jones (Virgo sun) (my 7th house is in Virgo)

    and my all time favorite is

    Harrison Ford (Cancer Sun) (my Sun and Venus' opposite)

    Women I think are beautiful are

    Mischa Barton (Aquarius Sun) (my moon)

    Angelina Jolie (Gemini Sun...I like her cuz she's a bad azz) (don't know, just think she rocks)

    Meagan Fox is very pretty (Taurus)

    **Catherine Zeta Jones is a Libra, I believe. I had to go check, because I was curious.

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    Jessica Alba: Taurus

    Charlize Theron: Leo

    Alyssa Milano: Sagittarius

    Drew Barrymore: Pisces

    Eva Longoria: Pisces

    Hayden Panettiere: Leo

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    These are my TOP 3:

    Stephanie McMahon - Libra

    Jennifer Beals - Sagittarius

    John Cena - Taurus


    These are few of the other hotties to me, the list is longer, but they made this cut:

    Jordana Brewster - Taurus

    Megan Fox - Taurus

    Mia Kirshner - Agaurius

    Randy Orton - Aries

    Chris Jericho - Scorpio

    Source(s): I'm a Gemini!!!!!!!
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    while the prepare replaced into relatively everyday i used to benefit i glance alot like Debra Messing from Will & Grace yet w/ brown hair. these days I even have been informed i glance like Anne Hathaway yet with a smaller nostril. i'm a Gemini w/ Sag increasing i think of Anne Hathaway is a Scorpio and Debra Messing is a Leo.

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    Cristiano Ronaldo - Aquarius

    M. Shadows - Leo

    Will Smith - Libra

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    Female Celebs :

    Charlize Theron : she is smoking and the most beautiful woman ( according to me at least ). She is a sun conjunct moon in Leo ,virgo venus...

    And followed by Kate Winslet , Sandra Bullock , Lucy Liu and Sandra Oh ( scorpio, leo , sag and cancer respectively ) I think they are all so beautiful.

    Male celebs :

    Ryan Reynolds : sizzling.........( Libra/Scorpio , depends on birth time ), with Venus in sag and Mars in Capricorn opposition my Sun/Mars...

    Source(s): Male cancer XD
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    johnny depp a gemini

    Stephen colberrt a Taurus

    anderson cooper a gemini

    for girls

    Rachel Mcadams a Scorpio

    Keira Knightley a Gemini

    Natalie portman a GEmini

    Source(s): taurus me
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    I'm an Aquarius

    Christian Bale - Aquarius

    Natasha Bedingfield - Sagittarius

    Bow wow - pisces

    Cassie - Virgo

    Ricky Ullman - Aquarius

    Chace Crawford - Cancer

    Kenneth Nixon - Aries

    And MAANYY maany maany more, with all 12 different zodiac signs! :D

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    most definitely adriana lima shes a gemini! and i cant leave out mia kirshner shes aquarius theyre both two ladies very good on the eyes :)

    Source(s): im a libra!
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    shailene Woodley :) shes scorpio. and so is delta goodrem there beautiful people.. same as Taylor swift. Sagittarius

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