What do the different colors mean in regards to stock volume?

Every stock chart out there has volume at the bottom. I have a good idea what the volume means and what it stands for, but I am confused on the colors of the volume bars. What is the difference between a red/green/black bar. I assumed that a green bar meant volume was increasing and red meant that it is decreasing, is that correct? And what does a black bar mean? Thanks,

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    In the red/green/black configuration:

    Green is up volume

    Red is down volume

    Black no price change (open/close price was the same)

  • 5 years ago

    Study the closing prices. On days that the stock price closes lower than the previous day closing, the volume bar is RED. On days that the price closes higher than the previous day, the volume bar is GREEN. Therefore, you can actually get a red volume bar on a green price bar day, and vise versa. Days of neutral color bars are days in which the closing prices of the two days are exactly the same. I personally see little, if any value in these color schemes. (But then, I have only been trading about seven years.)

    • The relative height of the volume bar determines the actual volume. Therefore, a red bar can be much higher than the previous green bar, and vice versa. ....... J. Coleman

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    green means the closing price was higher than the opening price,

    red means the closing price was lower than the opening price

    the closing price of the previous day is not the same as today's opening price, although sometimes it could be.

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    You would have to ask the designer of the platform. Mine has no colours. It can't mean anything that significant- just like the red and blue trade prices- means nothing really.

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    Thanks walt17jr

    Mine has yellow instead of black but that answered the question perfectly for me. There is just the odd yellow compared to red and green

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    Great point, I'm interested to know more too

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