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Water in the bath tube is really light blue,is that okay?

Is it okay?

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    Ours does the same thing in our apartment. We have city water and it is highly chlorinated. The lighting doesn't change it either, whether it's the sun coming in from the windows or if I have the ceiling light on. It's still a light blue, almost mint color. And we also have a white tub.

    If you drink water from the tap you'll probably notice that it may smell like bleach. We filter ours to get rid of the taste.

    It's perfectly safe to bathe in. I have no problems when I take baths. But if you have sensitive skin you may notice the chlorine can dry your skin out a little.

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    A few things could be causing this - the colour of the bathtub itself, the lighting or maybe the colour of your bathroom walls, or even bubble bath (if you've added any to the water)

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    yes it's fine. my tub water looks like that sometimes. sometimes it's just the lighting,etc. no worries!


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    did you accidentally drop a urinal cake in there?

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