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1.3 MP Dynex webcam doesn't install(Again)or show a sign that I even Plugged it in. HELP!!?

Okay I have till tomorrow till my myspace gets banned(And it's basically important or I'm screwed) and I need to prove stuff that requires my webcam.

Now I'm fixing up my hard drive so I'm renting one from Rent-A-Center and it's still the same Windows vista but this one is "Home Basic" the previous was "Home Premium".

I know that I'm plugging it in the correct slot too(So that's not it)





Update 2:

It doesn't require a disk, so that basically ruins your whole question..

My bad I forgot to add that...

Now what ..

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    Can you provide more details than "doesn't work?" When you plug it in does it install and recognise the device?

    If it doesn't and you check device manager (My computer <Right Click > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager) if it is showing as "Unknown Device" then you need to install the drivers, But if its shown as known we will have to look at other options.

    If it is showing as "Unknown" Try installing the drivers for it; here's a link for the Vista 32 Bit version

    If thats not the problem let me know and I'll see if i can think of any other problems :)

    P.S. Make sure you disconnect the device before installing that driver.

    Follow Up: When you say "it doesn't require a disk" Have you tried installing the drivers and seen if that solves the problem?

    Any more information would be a great help as to be honest it sounds like a vista driver problem.

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