Is Obama's firing of IG Walpin an impeachable offense?

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill has become the first Democrat to question the White House over the firing of AmeriCorps inspector general Gerald Walpin. McCaskill, who, like Republican Sen. Charles Grassley, is a champion of inspectors general, co-wrote the 2008 legislation requiring the president to give 30 days' notice, and cause, before firing an inspector general.

The Obama regime is mounting a campaign of personal smears and lies against the proven professional, capable and honest Walpin.


Walpin's honest, a man of proven integrity.

The NY Post reports:

His removal came a week after he "questioned the eligibility of the largest and most expensive AmeriCorps program, and while the IG was contesting the 'propriety' of a settlement made with a mayor for alleged misuse of AmeriCorps funds," according to Youth Today.

The first taxpayer-subsidized program is the Teaching Fellows Program, run by the Research Foundation of the City University of New York. Walpin's audit -- which can be found online at -- uncovered a multitude of grant violations, including criminal-background-check lapses and "pervasive problems of eligibility, timekeeping and documentation."

Walpin's office questioned duplicate educational awards of more than $16 million and costs worth nearly $775,000. CUNY refused to return excess funds that it had drawn down, failed to revise procedures to prevent such grant abuse and refused to provide proof documenting that its AmeriCorps participants exist.

Update 2:

Skipjack -- what vetting did you do of Obama? I did. What I found is that he is not trustworthy, is Marxist, his community activism and running of a school improvement program was a failure, and has questions about his mental health due to his family history and the emotional detachment that is obvious in his public appearances.

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    IG can not legally be fired by the president there has to be a 30 day notice and there has to be due notice sent to congress for them to decide, this entire thing stinks to high heaven. The fact is that the man who spent the funds is obama's close personal friend and this is an impeachable offense as is the entire GM deal. Come on, giving money to your supporters over the bond owners who legally deserve it. How many impeachable offenses is it going to take? How would you like to be fired for doing your job just because you happen to uncover a scandal involving your bosses friend?

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    Well, do you know that he didn't comply with the 30 days notice, or do you think the 30 days started when it was reported or when you became aware of what was happening? Also, most officials in the Executive branch serve at the pleasure of the President. Since Republicans have been such strong advocates of "right to work" policies, where an employer can fire a person (usually union people) without cause.

    Also, if you have first hand knowledge that the person is innocent don't you think you should stop ranting here and go to the authorities? Ah, the use of the Marxist/Communist and personal attacks on non-related issues. The first sign of a weak argument.

    Lastly, you attacked Skipjack, saying that he didn't do his homework. It sounds like you took the dreaded media at face value (NY Post), but you provide no links to information that support your claims. Why do I say that? Because it is not like the information about the fraud claim is not posted on the IG website. So which is it big guy? Did he get fired so that problem could be buried, or maybe he was mad because McCain lost and wanted to make himself a problem and then say "Oh look how unfairly I have been treated." You nor I have enough information for you to make claims like you have.

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    He very well should be Impeached,at a minimum there needs to be an in-depth Investigation. I for one am not surprised in the least though,Obama is a Chicago Politician and a Demoncrat.That makes him twice as Corrupt as the average Politician.If I were Walpin,I would have someone else start my car in the morning. RWE

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    The House Judiciary Committee determines impeachment, which must first be presented as a resolution by the Chairman of that committee, who happens to be John Conyers, who happens to be a Democrat. I doubt Conyers is going to present a resolution that Obama be impeached.

    I did not vote for Obama, and this incident only fortifies why I didn't.

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    Obama is well within his rights to fire the IG. The trouble is, he is supposed to give him 30 days notice. Also, he is supposed to notify congress what his intentions are, he did not do that either.

    I would like to tell a previous answerer that Bush was well within his rights to fire all those judges. Every president usually has some turnover in judges.

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    Sadly this issue will run out of momentum due to lack of coverage by the Obama protective media.

    The only coverage will be what derogatory info the 'Whit House' chooses to concoct and the 'Omedia' will present as fact. Ex. 'he was dismissed due to erratic behavior (senility).

    It is classic 'Chicago thug politics'.

    Addl. Info.: Today we learn that Walpin's position will be filled by a personal friend and staff member of......Michelle Obama!

    Now don't that just beat all!!!!!!!!!

  • Any time a Republican tells me that someone is "Honest" I grab my wallet. As a former Republican I know how dishonest the party has become and how that has passed to the individuals in the party. Any Republican that speaks of "Honesty" or "Morality" now means look for where they s***** you over.

    Former Republican(1971-2003) Independent.

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    I agree 100% with what judo says and Walpin is not an honest man President Obama is well within his rights to fire him maybe if they continue the probe and dig deep, they can find out just how bad Walpin really is ,but they will probably just sweep it all under the rug so Walpin can go quietly and save face

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    Now, you have raised the warning flags for me. Every time I hear the argument that someone is "an honest man of proven integrity" I think of Bernie Madoff. I will be much more skeptical of Walpin's honesty as I check out why he was fired.

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    I will support anything that get's Obama impeached.

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