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Should the Magic trade JJ Redick for a 2009 1st round Draft Pick?

JJ Redick is wasting his time on the Magic's bench when the team doesn't need a 3rd shooting guard behind Pietrus and Lee. The team should trade Redick to a team looking for a solid backup SG and a team that has maybe a late 1st round pick to use on him. Redick would upgrade any team's outside shooting from the bench and is a solid defender, but he's not getting any minutes in orlando.

The Magic could use a late 1st rounder on a player who would help them increase their size like Taj Gibson, Gani Lawal, or Robert Dozier, maybe even Josh Heytvelt. or they could help out their perimeter game by drafting a small forward like Derrick Brown, Tyler Smith, or Damion James.

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    Okay Redick gives you an expiring contract, and should Magic intend to go for a non-lottery pick, I suggest Hawks (19th pick, and they need another shooter help), Hornets (21st pick, cash constraint and again depth at backcourt), Grizzlies (27th pick, depth at SG and more future cap space to re-sign Gay and Mayo) and Wolves (28th pick, add an additional shooter and allows them to trade Miller).

    However Redick has proven to be a player with little upside, though he has shown slight improvement in Finals.

    Yet adding a late first round pick doesn't mean Magic can find a right big man in this draft, but they can draft Derrick Brown, DaJuan Summers, Sam Young or Terrence Williams for some muscles in SF.

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    What up Matt H,

    For whatever reason the Magic have been somewhat insistent on keeping JJ. The last 2 years JJ has been asking for a trade because he was wasting way on the Magic bench- but the Magic have refused to trade him for some reason. Part of the reason it was reported that he wasn't getting playing time was that Stan Van Gundy was not pleased with Reddick's defense.

    Because of the lack of exposure i don't know that you would be able to get a first round pick for Reddick, but it'd be worth shopping around if you could get what you want.

    i think Orlando actually well keep Reddick and he may even have a shot to compete for the starting job at the 3. With Hedo Turkgolu announcing that he will opt out for free agency it's possible that Reddick takes the 3, Rashard goes to the 4, and the Magic try to obtain a true 4 and that would then make Reddick like a 6th man for the Magic (kind of like a Jason Kapono type player) who can fill in the gaps at the 2 and 3 positions. Damion James is going back to school but i think Taj Gibson would be a great pick-up... i'm actually hoping the Lakers could pick him up.


  • reddick is actually a good passer and underrated defender. obviously he can't guard best players in league but he did good job of bothering them which is the most you can do against likes of kobe and others. the thing about reddick through his NBA career he hasn't found his shot ideally we would think its because lack of playing time sometimes he plays big minutes other times he's riding the bench. . the funny thing is he was known for his great shooting at duke. We all know he's a shooter but since entering the NBA he hasn't shown it. so its hard classify him as a solid backup. he hasn't proved to be reliable backup or else magic wouldn't drafted lee and signed pietrus.

    i doubt any team would give first round pick for him at very best a 2nd round choice. by all means he should go else were he would fit system and be spot up shooter.ideally i think we would fit in a uptempo system..

    i have no clue why magic haven't' trade him considering they have lee and mickael . they might still be high on him.

    he has shown he can distribute the ball when his shots not going which has been the whole year and with turk possibly heading to FA/ JJs' minutes might increase. considering they draft SF with potential. they might move pietrus to the 3 and have lee at 2 and have JJ come off the bench or the other way around. thing about this it woudl make them undersized at Sf position which can be probably be problematic considering lewis is undersized at 4.

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    I agree, he's being wasted on that team. I'm not saying he's an awesome NBA SG, but I do think he does have some value, and in the right offense and with solid playing time, he has a lot of potential.

    I could really see the Magic getting Taj Gibson, Taj is a monster shot blocker and would be good insurance if Gortat signs with another team and also just in case Dwight were to get injured.

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    I get what your saying, you seem to know your stuff but the answer is no. The magic need three point shooters to surround Dwight Howard around and thats exactly what J.J Redick is. Now yes he is behind pietrus and lee but the Magic Organization to me is looking at him as a future prospect that can help their team not an imediate one. Plus if lee or pietrus get hurt which is possible Redick can step up and play those minutes which he has proven

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    Hes not worth a 1st rounder maybe a early 2nd round

    Gani is staying in school

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    i dont think any team will give up a 1st rounder for redick. great college player, bad pro player.

  • hey trade him over here to Phoenix, i sure as hell wouldnt give a 1st round pick for him, he hasnt proved himself, but hed sure be a great fit in Phx with the Alvin Gentry system, but youre pretty dumb to be askin a 1st round pick for JJ.

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    That would be great but I don't think he is worth a 1st rounder.

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    this is a joke right? no one would trade a first for reddick. he's a shooter who cant shoot.

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