Is Obama's health care plan going to be based on competition between insurance companies?

Watch what he said in 2007 then tell me what kind of health care he is really talking about.

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    Realty check CBO says it cost $1.6 dollars means dead on arrival to pass in the Senate. Obama is correct the need to correct health care reform all sides agree. Still, insurance industry is monopolized to the point

    1 Hawaii Blue Cross Blue Shield HI 78 Kaiser Permanente 20 98

    2 Rhode Island Blue Cross Blue Shield RI 79 UnitedHealth Group Inc.16 95

    3 Alaska Premera Blue Cross 60 Aetna Inc. 35 95

    4 Vermont Blue Cross Blue Shield VT 77 CIGNA Corp. 13 90

    5 Alabama Blue Cross Blue Shield AL 83 Health Choice 5 88

    6 Maine WellPoint Inc. (BCBS) 78 Aetna Inc. 10 88

    When Untied Healthcare and Wellpoint control 70% to 80% of the insurance market that is called monopoly.

    Call this freemarket competition no way?

    DOJ should break up these companies into competitive enttites being sensitive prices in the market.

    No, to public option also we dont need private monopolies replacing goverment monopolies.

    Want freemarkets for insurance end gaming by both parties at the expense of the taxpayer.

    The private monopolies of insurance reduce the clout the small business and indiviaul have to negiotate with insurance companies. In addtion, lack of competition in the markets means providers are never price senstivie to the services rendered.

    Both sides of the debate do not get it with healthcare reform.

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    Based on what he said yesterday to the AMA, the answer would be both yes and no. He talked about the necessity of having as part of the health reform legislation...a public insurance plan or plans available. Those will be sold per se by the government based on the individual's income. The insurance companies will not only have to compete against one another to maintain their current customers..but will also have to compete against the public plan...which will no doubt be sold for far less because the feds don't have to worry about making their shareholders happy. They can lose a hundred bucks on every policy and come out better...and they can change the coverage rules any time they wish to...because they are the ones who make the rules.

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    It will be rationed health care to 95% of the population the exceptions are 1-Illeagals 2 government officials 3 obamas friends

  • 1 decade ago

    it will be insurance companies trying to compete with the government, which has a made-up amount of money and can force regulations on insurance companies, so it is competition in a sense. The way a five year old competes against Joe Frazier

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    1 decade ago

    Thanks to the Federal Reserve, the government has an unlimited amount of money to subsidize its own healthcare. These outrageously low prices would undercut competition to the point where the government has a monopoly on healthcare. Where is the Justice Department on that one? Too busy letting the Black Panthers off the hook for voter intimidation?

  • Their plan is to control the entire thing, but they will never tell you that. The plan squeezes the private sector out first.

    Why do the Liberals believe it will end up costing less down the road? because Social Security and Medicare are so financially sound? Where do they get their facts? Their solutions are always more, more, more.

  • 1 decade ago

    Watched Glenn and he had a bunch of Progressive Liberals talking about this is just the "Start" and that this will lead to 100% full socialist health care plan

  • Initially that will be the perception but once government gets a hold of the health care industry it'll be bye-bye private insurance companies, hello government control.

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    The private companys will have to try to compete with the government and since they can't compete with the government, they will go out of business, or maybe the ones under affirmative action for blacks will stay in business

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    1 decade ago

    What will happen is businesses will drop all of the health insurance benefits, thereby forcing the country to insure everyone. Then socialized medicine and you will let the government decide your treatment.

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