physical fitness question for army/military?

ive thought about the army. only problem is im out of shape. im a big guy, not fat. about 6'4" 250 lbs broad build. i have trouble with pushups and pullups because im so heavy.

but i dont quit easily and im intelligent... if that counts for anything. i know a guy who got sent to fat camp before he could go in the army. what do they do with you if can cut it?


the weight is high bone density, muscle mass and large build. im not fat. geez

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    The height and weight restrictions are pretty self explanatory. To me boot camp was easier than the two a day football drills I did all during high school. Start working out and running now you cannot use your intelligence to prevent shin splints etc. Good luck, the marines were a great part of my life.

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    What the military really cares about is your body mass index (BMI) and not so much your weight. If you are over your maximum allowed weight for your age, sex, and height (many soldiers are) then you must pass what is called a tape test to determine your BMI. I am 6'3" and weigh 260 and have to be tape tested all the time but I always pass. I carry around a lot of extra muscle weight because Im into lifting. I can still do a butt load of pushups and pullups though. Sounds like you may be the same way. You should ask your recruiter if he will tape test you and check to see if your BMI is within Army standards for your age and height.

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    with the army if u are over the weight limit they will give u a tape test and if u body fat is above 30% u cant enlist right then... they will give u a few weeks to burn off some of the weight and come back... but if u are under 30% but still above 25% body fat u have to take this thing called the arms test u have to step up and down on a box for five minutes at a certain pace that they set for u... u should be good since u said ur mostly muscle and just work on running and hit the weights dont worry about pull up their not part of the army's pt test

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  • They only send the excessively fat and those who can't meet the entry requirements for physical fitness to fat camp right away. It was like 12 push-ups and 17 sit-ups, and run 1 mile in like 8min 40secs to enter basic without fat camp, so I wouldn't sweat it. After that your pt requirements are based on your age. 18-22 is like 47 push-ups minimum, 53 sit-ups, and 15:54 2-mile time by the end of basic. It's pretty easy. If you're over weight they'll measure your fat percentage to see if you're just muscular instead of actually fat. Army doesn't even do pull-ups.

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    if they moved it the mp school was in fort Mc Cullean (think i spelled the last name wrong )in alabama but if they moved to to fort lenoardwood in missouri then if you take basic training there all you got to do is travel across the base.but as for training you got to know the ucmj (uniform code of military justice)front and back and they teach you every possible senerao there is that you will need to know ,they teach you how to phiscally defend your self ,how to drive a vehicle and yes direct traffic ,gate duty ,interact with people of all types and yes how to shoot a all comes down to one question "are you willing to arrest a fellow solider "if you are then go for it ,if not then get into another mos and yes if you join the marines and want to be a m.p.the you still have to go to the same school and the same training .

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    Lose the weight and then join'll be proud of yourself twice when they swear you in. Good luck!

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    Your over weight. Put in some time on the road and stop surffing the web.

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