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did sidney crosby really snub zetterberg and lidstrom or are the red wings fans making it up?

im sure crosby didnt cause he did last year even though they lost. did you see the red wings leave the ice when they lost. the pens acctually stayed on the ice and werent disrespectful in last lears cup final

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    He got swarmed by the media, lidstrom/zetterberg/draper waited all of 15 seconds before he left. Seriously, would it kill him to skate over to Crosby? Draper/Zetterberg were bitter from the loss and said some things about crosby.

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    For the last time, Crosby is the captain ... the leader of his team. He needed to tell the fans and the media to wait while he LED his team through the handshake line. He made no effort to do so, so the Red Wings shook the hands of who they could and left. Why stand around for a guy who isn't going to take part in a long-standing hockey tradition and show respect for his opponents?

    Just another example of Crosby's immaturity and lack of class and sportsmanship.

  • It's more about the MEDIA continuing to write about the Stanley Cup Finals. This has been so over-blown, just like the amount of questions asked here. BTW, where have you been? Like I mentioned, this has been asked, and asked and asked, need I say more?

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    if you watched the game you saw he kept celebrating with the scrubs while his regular game mates lined up to shake hands, at one point he was there with 4 players against the boards. It wasn't til they moved that he decided to go shakes some hands.

    I don't think hes an *** but he did snub the Wings.

    I'm a Sharks fan so i don't really care, but still it shows a level of class, which he didn't show there, and even when Babcock was trying to congratulate him he skated away before the finished talking.

    But seriously who cares, it's over everyone that isn't a Pens fans either thinks Crosby's good or things hes the biggest B****H in the nhl.

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    Yes, he did. But unlike most of my fellow Wings fans, I don't think he did it deliberately.. He got swept up in the media and the celebrating and forgot he had a job to do. I'm sure he'll learn from it tho.

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    The reason Detroit left the rink was because Bettman warned them that if they stayed for any longer and took any more air time away from the Penguins, he would have his sixteen snipers in the crowd headshot every wing player.

    Anyone who wants to laugh go to google images and type Evegeni Malkin. LOL horse face.

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    The story is getting way too much attention

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    Omg, who cares.

    WE WON THE CUP, WE WON THE CUP!!! WE ROCK AND WE ROLL!! Sorry, im excited we

    **does a victory dance**

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    yes he did. Sid showed that he has NO CLASs at all. The players will not forget this.

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    sour grapes by the swedish meatballs.

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