I need help installing a thermostat?

Any help would be appreciated because I am trying to use the wireless thermostat to get my 10 month old babies room to hold the correct temperature.

I recenlty purchased a venstar wireless thermostat

VENSTAR T1100RF and am having a issue with the install. Everything on the old and the new seem to line up except on my current thermostat I have a black wire hooked up to E but the new one does not have an E.

Currently I have the following

G- Green wire

C- Blue

R- Red

Y Yellow

W2 white

E- black

O- Orange

I also have a B and L with no wires and a w1 that is connected to the Y2 yellow with a gold plate (maybe it's a jumper?) but no wires either.

The thermostat is a honey well with basic heat, cool, off an Emergency heat settings

It may be model T8411R 1028

heat pump is Carrier 38YCC036340

Air handler in the attic FB4ANF036 also a carrier.

The options on the new thermostat are








Like I said everything seems to work except for the E.

Can I simply leave it disconnected? If so will I lose emergency heat if it's ever needed? Is it possible E should go to Y2, it seems to be the only open spot

Also, I may have found the install manual for the heatpump and it does not show E being used. I was not sure if that meant it did not need it or if the heat element was in the air handler so it would not show in the heatpump instructions.

any help would be appreciated!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would probably leave the black wire unconnected. Connecting to Y2 doesn't make any sense. I don't know what E is for, the W in a heat pump should be the backup heat. The O tells it heat or cool when Y (compressor) comes on.

  • 1 decade ago

    I really cant help you with the wiring, but i size and sell heat pump systems. I can tell you that if your system has heat strips they are in the air handler. There is usually a chart on the front of the air handler that should have a place they noted the size of the heat strips. In our area a 3 ton heat pump usually has 15kw heat strips. Sometimes they put wiring diagrams on the inside of the unit door. Sorry that don't help much, but I'll give ya what I can.

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