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how do i write a novel first book manuscript?

Guys I was thinking of writing a novel as I have lots of free time .Do I write a manuscript before I actually write a book What stuff do I need to know to get published , etc.???

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  • Zahra
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago
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    A manuscript is simply a book that is in possession by the author, is going through changes, has not been published, and is not finished yet.

    If you want to write a book, just write it the way you see published books written with chapters etc...

    After you are done writing, you need to edit, edit, EDIT!!!!!!!!!!! Edit it yourself until you want to throw it against the wall, then give it to a trusted adult like relatives or a teacher and have them edit it. Put it away for 2-3 months, and edit it again. When you finally feel it's close to done, send out query letters to agents.

    You will probably get rejected a number of times before you are accepted. If you manage to find an agent they will work with you on getting the manuscript to the publisher, which, I might add, will take a while because you will probably get rejected many times.

    The key to all of this is to never give up, but right now, I would suggest you don't worry about getting it published and just write.

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  • kiley
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    a customary time author has little or no wish of merchandising their manuscript in any respect, not to show a suggestion of an unwritten e book. very few unpublished authors have ever controlled to sell a suggestion to a writer. people who've are in many situations non-fiction books, written by utilising people who're professionals in that field, or extreme profile celebrities who've a waiting made marketplace of followers who may be keen to purchase their e book. The writer additionally desires to appreciate which you're a powerful author, whose artwork will require as little modifying as possible. they won't be waiting to tell this from somebody claiming to be a novelist who has by no ability easily written a special yet. it is plenty greater powerful to place in writing your novel. even regardless of the undeniable fact that i'm valuable which you're a good author, you have yet to benefit lots of the technical components of novel writing and additionally the subject concerns which you will bump into. In my adventure, writing a special additionally ability having to do a great variety of modifying, reducing out super parts of the e book and rewriting consistently. It additionally ability having to make some difficult judgements now and returned. additionally, keep in mind that often that often issues that sound like an exceptionally good theory could make a poor novel. you're maximum suitable to attend till the unconventional is complete and good edited earlier pondering sending it off to a writer.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A manuscript is a finished book that's not been published yet. could help you with your writing needs.

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  • mac
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Many, many have the same dreams. As a result less than one in a thousand written books ever get professionally published. This doesn't mean, however, that you don't have a chance. You might be special. Who knows?

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  • 1 decade ago

    First write the book, then worry about getting published. You really shouldn't write to get published but to enjoy yourself. It seems that you are only writing so you can have fame, please don't.

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