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Does anyone know if YG Entertainment is still taking mail-in applications and if so, where can I find them?

Thank you to those who have answered my questions so far, but I really need to be informed on this since I can't read YG's Korean website, and their English website looks as if it has not been updated in a while.

I've read about downloading applications, but I don't know if they are still taking auditions by mail.

Does anyone know if they are and where I can find the application?

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    YG takes mail applications at any time. There are no deadlines, you just need to mail all the required materials to the following address:

    YG audition

    Sangsu-dong 394-10 Hoseong Building 3F

    Mapo-Gu, Seoul

    South Korea, ZIP 121-829

    or, you can also send it here (the postage will be a lot cheaper if you live in the US):

    YG USA Audition

    1250 Long Beach Ave. Studio 210

    Los Angeles, CA 90021

    You need to send in an application form and usually the following things:

    -A demo tape (either recorded in a studio or on your computer) that has anywhere from 1-3 songs. For non-Koreans, YG usually likes to hear you sing at least one Korean song so that can make sure that you can at least pronounce the words correctly.

    -If you are a good dancer, a video of you dancing always helps. In fact, they recommend people to send in a dance video

    -Pictures of yourself, in a portfolio or not. You are required to put a picture on your application form, but you can also send in extra photos if you would like.

    This is the official application form download:

    The form is in Korean, however, so if you need a translation of it, this is the english translation download:

    If you are going to use the application form, DO NOT send YG the english form. I just put that download there in case you need help translating the official Korean form (the first link). YG will only accept the original form. The forms can be filled out in english, however, so don't worry about trying to fill it out in Korean.

    Hope that helped! If you ever have any further questions about auditioning, just message me =)

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    im pretty sure theyre not taking any right now

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