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Whats the difference between catholic and protestant?

I don't know the difference between catholic and protestant.

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    There are many but your best bet to understand is to sit down, get ready to read a lot, and go to authoritative and unbiased sources.

    The big different between Catholicism and Protestantism are the five pillars, which paint a different picture of salvation, definitions of sin, freewill or predestination. These differences are many and vary from church to church.

    Catholicism would have the claims to be the oldest, most faithful representation of Christianity based on comparison between the Church today and the Bible. Also comparison between the Church today and the teachings of Christians in days gone (a democracy of the dead if you will) such as those writings of The Church Fathers.

    Catholics believe in seven sacrament.

    Protestants believe in two.

    Catholics believe that the Eucharist is changed in essence into The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ (see John 6, and The Last Supper)

    Protestants believe this was only a symbol.

    Catholics believe Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture are equal in value in sharing The Word of God. (The Bible says as much and there are many Christian teachings not in The Bible, such as The Trinity)

    Protestants believe that only that which is "plainly" laid out in The Bible is too be believed.

    Catholics believe that we are justified by "faith together with works". We must have faith, but we will also be judged according to our works.

    Protestants believe in the mad made doctrine "Sola fide" or "Faith Alone" which says that we only need to believe and we are saved.

    Other points of contention include;

    - Clerical celibacy

    - Church authority and hierarchy.

    - Biblical canon

    - the priesthood (automatic or consecrated)

    Source(s): - The Douay-Rheims Bible Online - The Catholic Bridge. A really great little site to those who are new to learning about Catholicism.
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    Lots of differences but the main thing in the 15th century was the people who objected to the Pope or Papal rule and infallibility / They did not protest against Christianity but against the pope and edicts and so on.. So the Anti Papal Christians were called protestants.

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    Catholics believe that the Bible needs interpretation by competent authorities and that God continues to inform and inspire the Church through its leaders and council decisions. Catholics also believe that Christians can help each other get to heaven.

    Protestants believe that only Jesus can get you into heaven, that divine inspiration stopped with the completion of the Bible, and that there is no competent human authority to determine what the Bible says. Everyone must decide for him/herself.

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    What are the differences between Catholics and other Christian denominations?

    Catholics are required to accept the tenants expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Other Christian denominations will not accept one or more of those tenants.

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    Imagine you have a big corporation. But somebody believes that it was losing its original purpose, so he quits to form his own corporation. That's Catholicism and Protestantism in a nutshell.

    Scroll up and do a search on-line for Martin Luther and the Protestant reformation.

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    Some of the differences between the Roman Church (RC) and Protestants (PT):

    RC adheres to the Pope as the vicar of Christ

    PT believe that the Bible, not the Pope, is the one & only final authority [2 Tim.3:16] .

    RC the Apocryphal books & tradition have equal authority with the Bible

    PT rejects them as a source of error [Matthew 15:3].

    RC believe Mary was a perpetual virgin.

    PT Bible says that she had several children [Mark 6:3]

    RC believe Mary was without sin.

    PT believe only Jesus was without sin [Romans 5:12]

    RC believe that priests, Mary, and dead ‘saints’ are mediators.

    PT believe that there is only one mediator - Jesus Christ [1 Timothy 2:5]

    RC Pope canonizes those to be called ‘saints’.

    PT say all believers are saints [Philippians 1:1;4:22]

    RC believe Peter was not married.

    PT Bible says he was married [Mark 1:30]

    RC Justification is by faith and works.

    PT believe that Christians are justified by faith alone [Romans 3:28]

    RC claim that Peter was the ‘rock’ on which the church was founded.

    PT believe that only Christ is that Rock [Romans 9:33; 1 Corinthians 3:11; 10:4; 1 Peter 2:7,8]

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    The Catholic Church is the original Christian Church. The Protestants were Catholics who split from the Church in the 16th century and have been splitting into smaller and smaller groups ever since.

    The Protestant Bible is different because Martin Luther edited out the parts he didn't like. He was a disgruntled Catholic monk who would be called a cafeteria Catholic today, picking and choosing what to believe in instead of buying all of Scripture as it was originally codified by the Catholic Church in 325AD under the Bishops and Emperor Constantine who legalized Christianity in the Roman Empire.

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    To understand the difference, you must first understand the similarities.

    Protestant Churches broke off from the Catholic Church during the reformation and schisms. For the most part, Catholics and Protestants are Christians, believe in Jesus Christ as being GOD, along side the Father and the Holy Spirit (also known as the Holy Trinity).

    Protestant primarily believe in what’s called Sola Scriptura, which means that all their beliefs should come only from the Bible. Here is where it gets interesting though. The original Bible, was given to the world in roughly 300AD, by the Catholic Church. Protestants did not agree with some of the books, so they removed 7 of them to reform their Bible.

    Many Protestants bash the Catholic Church saying that they added books. But how can this be possible, when the original Bible, was the Catholic Bible. If anything, this only proves that the Protestants removed the books. Now, if we take a step back and think about it… When Jesus was on Earth, he tought verbally. He did not tell his disciples to grab pen and paper and write down what he said. After Jesus died in 33AD, his teachings continued through his Apostles, who also taught verbally and not through the Bible. What this should prove through reasoning is that the original Church and Church fathers taught Jesus’ message through verbal proclamations, as there was no Bible for at least another 270 years after Jesus died. So if the concept of Sola Scriptura is to be followed, wouldn’t this mean that there were no Christians until the Bible was put together in 300AD? This is something that Protestants can never explain. However, Catholics can explain this.

    After Jesus died, he came back during Pentacost to commission the new ministers of HIS Church. So in HIS absence, he entrusted HIS church and teachings to be carried out by what’s called the Vicar of Christ (Pope) along with the Bishops, and Priests. As such, the faith & Christ’s teachings were taught through Sacred Traditions. Hence, this is why Catholics know that our faith and teachings have to come from both Sacred Tradition and the Bible. So when Protestants ask… “Is you church, Bible based?”…. the answer is and should be that “The Church is not Bible Based… rather, the Bible is Church Based”. In a nutshell, following Protestant beliefs, there would be at least 270 years of… “What happened to all the Christians? --- Did the Church just not exist?”… This would then be followed by another 1200 years of using the Bible given to the world by the Catholic Church, to then arrive at the Pretestant reformation in the 1500s, to which the 7 books were removed…

    2000+ years of teachings of Christ through the Catholic Church (via Sacred Tradition [2000 years worth] + Catholic Bible[1700 years])….. or…. 400-500 years of teachings out of the Protestant Bible… You chose. The decision for me was easy, and that is why I am proud to say that I am Catholic.

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    >> Whats the difference between catholic and protestant?

            Try this best answer on for size:

    God bless.

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    Martin Luther and the Protestants show the true path; the Pope and the Catholics do not.

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