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two questions regarding porn?

i always go on its so tight. people like us upload thier own real porn. like youtube. and now for my questions

1. Do you know of a pornsite like that one.?

2. Is there a specific pornsite you could recommend me. ones that you like and frequently go on?

thank you.

[by the way. its in mens health. and thats where all the guys are at. and all guys look at porn]

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    Look man, ive tried a wide variety. Redtube is a good site, but sometimes there are not very hot girls in the long videos. My friend recently turned me on to and it is awesome!!! The videos are long and the girls are really hot and its the same layout as redtube but better. No viruses but DONT click on the ads unless you want trouble.

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    There are a couple of reasons men might like lesbian porn: 1) They want to watch porn, but don't really want to see naked men and male bodies. Lesbian porn solves the desire to see aroused women, without having to watch dudes. 2) Double the fun. If one is good, two is better, or so some think. It's twice as much eye candy. Plus, some men can fantasize about a FFM threesome where he can come in with these two ladies. 3) It's exotic and different. Many men are astounded by lesbianism- it's mysterious and foreign to them. Lots of guys just can't seem to comprehend "sex without a penis", and tend to fetishize it- i.e. the concept that women "need the love only another woman understands" and that sort of junk. Watching it gives them a window on something they can't [usually] get elsewhere. Hope that helps!

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    Well, you're wrong all men don't look at porn. Childish losers do.

    Do some research, it can mess you up man. Seriously.

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    i know im not a guy but i admit i watch it to,

    go to redtube, its like youtube but all its videos is of porn, and its a safe website, no viruses XD

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    well dude i always go on tube 8 its awesome and it hasnt given me any viruses

  • 1 decade ago, WAY BETTER than X-tube

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    It disgusts me how many men - and naive girls - get off on watching women being abused and degraded. It's foul.

  • 1 decade ago is the best i have been to. try that and i hope u like it ;)

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    1 decade ago / /

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    Dammn Holly ^ xD

    Um or

    They float my boat ;]

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