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how to put a microsoft office word document on an usb driver?

I never use usb drivers soo i dont know how to. Please help, i don't have too much time.

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    You must have a USB drive pluged into your computer before you do what is listed.

    This is what you do:

    1. Save the document somewhere on the computer.

    2. Go to the place where you saved the document.

    3. Right click on the document and choose Copy...

    4. Go to My Computer (or Computer if you have Windows Vista or 7) and go into your USB drive.

    5. Right click on some blank area and choose Paste...

    6. Safely remove the USB drive.

    If you can save it directly to the USB drive you don't need to read everything I wrote above.

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    You should see your USB drive as an extra drive e f etc or as an icon on the desk top with a Mac. Just open the document and save it to the drive it will behave as a normal drive. Dont forget to close the document and to tell the system you want to remove the USB drive or eject it on a Mac.

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    A USB driver cannot contain a (Microsoft Office) Word document. This is part of the time honored tradition that tries to separate programs from data.

    Source(s): The Menzies Boltsoff Book of Subtle IT Mis-Namings, Conceptual Mixups, and General Underdigitedness, Menzies Boltsoff Publishing, Pres-Qu'Ile, BC, USA, 1998
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    You mean USB drive, not driver...

    Plug your USB drive into a USB port. You should see it in My Computer as a drive. Open it and drag your document or whatever else you want there. The same way as you drag a file from one folder to another.

    If your document is not saved on your computer yet, it's still open in Word, click on Save As in Word in tell Word to save it on the USB drive.

    In short, when you have a USB drive plugged into your computer, it's just like another folder.

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    When you put the drive in it should show up under "my computer" as a new drive. If you're on a mac it will show up on the desktop. You can open 2 windows, and drag and drop the files from their current folder to usb drive.

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    Plug in the USB drive. It should appear as a new drive in My Computer (on windows) or on the Desktop (Mac and Linux).

    Drag the file to the icon of the usb drive. Or choose copy and paste.

    Eject drive.

    Run to wherever you need to go.

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    Open up the directory that contains your word document...Then open up the drive that the usb drive is on. Drag and Drop.

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    if you want to put a document on the flash drive then either 1 of 2 ways...

    1. save your document, open up both the flash drive and the documents location and transfer the document to the flash drive

    2. save it directly to your flash drive using Microsoft Word

    Source(s): ive done both
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    Microsoft rfile data could be opened by utilising Open place of work, yet Open place of work data can't be opened by utilising Microsoft be conscious. once you hold Open place of work data you have the alternative in shop As to maintain it as a Microsoft rfile. So then it is going to be compatible.

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