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What did you think of Donald J. Trump buying out RAW from Vincent K. McMahon last night on RAW?

To be perfectly honest with you. I thought it was brilliant. They were in Flair country. There were so called "spoilers" online touting that Flair would be there. I was just shocked when i heard "Money money money" on the titanatron. At first i was shocked but then i was relieved because of how unpredictable that pick was. Just nobody was expecting it.

Well, what did you think RAW viewers of Donald Trump's return? Will he actuallly change the way RAW is today?

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    Basically, I agree with squeege88. Donald Trump has "kayfabe" bought Raw; it was a move made to just stir the fans up a bit with a little excitement. Ultimately, Vince McMahon finalises all decisions so Raw will continue to stink, as will the rest of the WWE unless the WWE really decides to take the young talent more seriously, make good storylines and make up their minds as to whether they intend to have a Women's Division inundated with tough, legitimate wrestlers or eye candy women. If they decide upon having the latter, then they should fire Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Natalya, Jillian Hall, Melina and Katie Lea. Therefore, I don't think Donald Trump will change Raw at all.

  • Kim
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    Well, if they wanted to surprise everyone and throw a curveball I think they did it. But I wasn't happy with it. I don't find Trump entertaining at all. I haven't watched The Apprentice in years.

    I do, however, like the concept of the commercial free Raw. It will definitely be different.

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    It really depends.Maybe,he'll give the Low Carders time to wrestle in the mid carders.The Mid Carders time to wrestle in the Main event and give the divas more air time..

    It's prolly gonna be like Wrestlemania 23 all over again.

    It's just a storyline,I bet.

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    i hate to tell u this but it is all about ratings. The media are already picking up on the storyline which will probably add a boost to the dwindling ratings.

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    i think that vince mcmahon is running out of ideas for storylines and its pretty cool thoughl how next week raws going to be commercial free

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    I think it will be good for a few laughs. That's about it. It's not about the owner or the GM. It's about the wrestlers.

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    No.....because this "buyout" is scripted. McMahon still owns RAW and the show will continue to be garbage week in and week out.

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    vince is bankrupted with his anti box office films, so he sold

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