I have applied to immigration to canada through a consultant and now he is asking me to do an IELTS exams?

and he told me i must achieve minimum 7 out of 9 or my case will be rejected , i thought IELTS exam is not mandatory , is he lying ?? and what happen if i get less than the (required score)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    No he is NOT lying,

    ALL applicants whose mother toungue is NOT english or french, MUST submit an IELTS test result.

    The lowest band score you can get is 6 and still be approved. If you get Band 5 or lower you are DENIED and REJECTED.

    However you can always work to improve your language skills.

    And you MUST PAY for your own IELTS test (as well as your family members). It is part of the cost of immigrating.


    If you choose not to take an IELTS or TEF, you must prove your ability to speak, listen, read and write English or French through written evidence. There are only certain types of evidence visa officers accept as proof.

    It is well known that CIC regularly REJECT all proofs submitted by applicants who want to submit their own proof of language skills.

    I have a friend who was born, raised and educated in the USA. She has a foreign sounding name and she spent every summer in her fathers country when she was a child so she is fluent in two languages. She went to school in Usa.

    When she applied to immigrate to Canada, she was denied in the ground that she was not a native english speaker due to her non-english name. They totally ignored the fact that she was born and raised in USA.

    CIC assumed that just becasue her name was foreign, she was foreign too. I thought was a disgusting attitude. So when my friends submitted another application, she did the IELTS test, and this time she was approved and is now a PR in Canada.

    You really should do the IELTS test, it saves a LOT of bother.

  • Leon
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    1 decade ago

    The IELTS is not mandatory. You can submit your own proof of English knowledge. However, immigration strongly advises against that unless English is your first language. If you take IELTS, they can't argue with your score and you are awarded points accordingly. If you don't take it, it's up to the visa officer how many points they give you. In most cases they give you less points than you ask for and you end up with not enough points overall and your application is denied.

    You might want to google for IELTS preparation material and study for it so you can get a good score. If your consultant says you need 7 and you get less, then you will not have enough points overall to apply.

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