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i have very bad credit and i desperately need a loan. any suggestions for a lender with no up front fees.?

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    you can contact too gave you the loan fee becos we help me last 2month ago he depend your mount of money thank best luck dear

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    No way. You will be able to find a lender to loan you the money but it is going to cost you, big time. The interest rate will be through the roof. With the economy being in shambles lenders are not going to risk lending you money if you have poor credit. I would suggest borrowing from family and friends. Be sure to pay them back.

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    interior the present own mortgage industry your appropriate selection is KNOWYOURCREDITOPTIONS.COM the clarification I say this is because of the fact issues are constantly changing. After the 2008 financial meltdown. Underwriting regulations have been changing and that they proceed to make small variations each and all the time. It extremely would not count in case you have proper credit or low credit there are possibilities for especially a lot any concern recently. With that stated its going to be impossible to answer your question. My suggestion is seize a quote from my earlier reported place. you will have the flexibility to make certain distinctive varieties of classes and expenses accessible on your guy or woman financial profile . no longer count if its an emergency, trip, or for own reasons; especially a lot any concern is seen. no count the credit or contemporary activity concern. purely enable them to appreciate what you obtain and notice whats attainable from a great provider interior the industry as we talk

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    LOL. If you have bad credit, i.e. a record of irresponsibility, why would ANY bank 1) give you a loan AND 2) give you one with great terms??? If you have problem paying your bills NOW, why would a bank give you MORE debt. That is just bad business!!!

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    Its hard enough for people with good credit to get money out of banks these days. Sorry to say but you're probably out of luck.

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    eva,we all know that you know the answer to this...come on now,tell us.......

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