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IS it worth considering buying Nikon D80 at price point of $640 body only?

I want to make dicissions between Nikon D40 and Canon EOS450D/500D at the same price point.

I want to learn photography and like to use all options manually to make difference.

I am worried which one to buy among these since I would be making some collections of lens I need to decide among both companies before I stick to one company..

And also need to know which lens would best suit if the choice is Nikon D80.


Sorry I was comparing between Nikon D80 or Canon 450D/500D.....

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    The d40 will not auto-focus with non-motorized lenses like the Nikor 50mm f1.8. The d80 has an in body motor which allows this. You can buy nice older glass (ie cheaper) for use on the d80.

    Also, third party lenses are great too so you don't have to stick with just the camera line. I have the Tamron 28-300 VC lens for my d80. Great all around lens.

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    Ah, the age old question as to which is better to go? Haha, I was faced with this same dilemma a few years ago and I decided to go with Nikon. Why you might ask, mainly because Nikon cameras fit better in my hand. Even the smaller cameras such as the D40 still felt better in my hand than the Rebel series. And I feel like the entry level (D40, D60) and pro-sumer level (D80, D90) had better built and finish over the Rebel equivalents.

    Both systems, Nikon and Canon are excellent so you can not go wrong either way. Both systems have cheap and expensive lenses, both systems have cheap and expensive bodies. But as you can probably tell the Canon entry level offerings seems to be cheaper than the Nikon equivalents. For example as a Nikon fanboy myself, I think that the 450D/500D are better cameras than the D40 since they offer more features at that price point.

    Another point to consider you might want to pick one over the other depending what your friends have since you might be able to share lenses with your friends and that will definitely help cut down on your cost.

    Either brand you pick, the limiting factor won't be the camera but the guy behind the camera. :)

    Personally right now, I have a D80, I picked it up for $425 USD, that was practically brand new with only 150 shutter clicks. So I think at $640 might be a little bit expensive. Especially considering you can buy a refurbished D90 for $800 with US warranty.

    Good lenses, right now I have a 18-200mm VR, that is my general walk around lens that I bring everywhere. I also have my 18-70mm that is tack sharp so if I an shooting cars, I will generally use that. I also have a 35mm f/1.8 for indoors such as museums , and finally I have a 70-300mm Sigma for super-zoom for going to zoos and air shows.

    So there are lots of options out there, I think a great lens is the D90 kit lens, 18-105mm VR which goes for about $250 used. I think that would pair perfectly with a D80 body.

    Feel free to email me if you have any additional questions.

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    Your P&S digicam can easily artwork as a great gadget to precise your self, its not the digicam its the artist, yet with a d80 or d40 it relies upon on what yoru going for. in case you prefer to have max ability you may get a D40 with the main considerable lens, then get like a macro telephoto or a accepted telephoto lens, and characteristic mroe for the same cost. the d80 is dazzling and one pretty recomended bugger vs the d90 because of the fact its cost is plenty decrease, yet individually I actually have a d60 it fairly is a d40 on crack, and that i'm blown away, the d80 has greater strategies and a few are flashy yet not for each guy or woman. Do you employ vehicle mode each and all of the time? or do you place stuff manually? do you intend to do HDR photos? in case you pass to kenrockwell 's internet site you will discover that he loves 2 nikon's and has examined all of them, the d40 and the d200 the two considered one of witch are the low end ones of their classification, yet the two blow away their enormous brothers for many motives. in any case think of roughly it. good luck :D one final notice, cameras carry their cost pretty (for a pair years) and this type in case you agree directly to enhance you may sell your lesser one for pretty much the same cost. my advice for a guy or woman who needs pictures the d40 will blow you away, plus in case you dont understand what your lacking from the d80 you by no ability will.

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