In 1919 and 1920, A. Mitchell Palmer deprted about about 500 people due to:?

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    A. Mitchell Palmer was Attorney General of the United States, and he deported the people because of their alleged Communist or Bolshevik sympathies. The era is known as the "Big Red Scare."

    Mitchell Palmer was Attorney General during the time of Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat.

    Source(s): "Only Yesterday," by Frederick Lewis Allen (1931).
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  • mike y
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    The infamous "Palmer Red Scare" is a popular tactic that was adopted by the Republican Party several times in Our History The origins of the House Committee on Unamerican Activities,McCarthy's Scare Tactics not to mention the current morass at least has been encouraged by a group more sympathetic to their Party's prospects than the well being of Our Nation.

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