YG, JYP, SM Entertainment?

Excuse me i just wants to know,

Do we stay in Hostel if we get in to any of the entertainment?

And how long is the break? Do they provide us the money to go back to our country if we not from korea?

Are we allow to shop outside when we are trainees?

Do they give us allowance?

If we are not koreans, Where do they send us for schooling?

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    Haha, okay. I will try to answer your questions from personal experience and my friend's experiences.

    1. If you do not live in the Seoul area then your company will usually place you in a dorm withall the other trainees. If you placed in a band, they then usually move the whole band to a seperate dorm or apartment.

    2. I know SM gives their trainees three one week breaks and two two week breaks. DSP also has a similar break schedule, so I think that is about the average amount of break time you will have. And they usually don't give you travel money unless you are traveling for company buisness, but you do make some money as a trainee, so you can use that towards travel.

    3. You are allowed to shop outside. The companies don't force their trainees to only stay in the buildings all day. However, if you live in the dorms there will be curfews that you have to follow, so you might not get to shop late at night.

    4. DSP is giving me a small allowance per month, and I know SM does as well. It really isn't much since the companies usually pay for all of your living expenses but it is enough for you to go out with friends a couple of times a month. Plus trainees sometimes get oppurtunities to work at company events, do MVs, model, help train the younger trainees, or just other jobs in the company to earn extra money.

    5. Usually they let you pick whatever school you want to go to, provided it us in the Seoul area. They don't want you to go to an international school, though (for some reason it messes with a Korean entertainers visa). I used to go to an international school while in Seoul, but I am transferring to a public high school while I do my training. If you are a foreigner who doesn't know Korean that well, then I think they have tutors in their academies that will teach you. They might teach you Korean and then make you join a public high school or they may just teach you everything themselves (though I am thinking that the companies usually choose the first option)

    Hope that helped!!

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    wow, so many questions ok, um let's see.

    Depending on the Entertainment and age provides different things.

    1.Yes, they would provide a place for you in the entertainment, if you're young, a hotel wouldn't be great unless you're with an older person but they would provide a stable enviroment for you to live.

    2.I'm not sure about the break part,I'm not understanding that.

    3.Yes, if you're already a trainee, they will invest in you to go from place to place,especially if you want to see you're family.{they are like you're babysitter in a way}

    4.Um,to shop outside when trainees, i dont see why not, then again SM Entertainment is very protective,YG I'm not sure but JYP would let you do more.

    5.I highly doubt they give you allowance but who knows?.

    6.They might homeschool you

    Every entertainment has its own ways,go for which suits you better :D

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