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I was demoted to PV2 from SPC 7-9-08. I'm told it's 6 TIG for PFC and 6 TIG for SPC is this correct?

July 9th 2008 i was demoted to PV2, i was re-promoted to PFC march 2009, and am being told that it will be sept for SPC. I was told it's 6 months TIG from PV2 to PFC and 6 months TIG from PFC to SPC, this doesn't seem right since i've seen people in my compnay get promoted fast than that.


i was told that soldiers who have been demoted cannot recieve waivers. i got demoted 2 weeks after another person in my company. he got PFC back in 3 months, and SPC in 4. without waivers...but even if our company had waivers, is it true you cannot recieve one after being demoted?

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    Promotion criteria for E-3 to E-4 is 6 months TIG with 24 months time in service.

    Since you got busted you will have the 6 months time in grade and probably by now the 24 months time in service so yes it will be September for automatic to E-4

    This does not seem right to you because others are being promoted faster with “Waivers” for either TIS or TIG.

    You received NJP to make you an E-2 again and the Commander is not going to waste a Waiver on you but rather give it to a more deserving soldier who hasn’t stood on his or the Bn Cdrs carpet for an Art 15. Wait your time and be happy it is coming at all since it is automatic at some point in time. That and if you want to become an NCO you will now have to work twice as hard as the next person as well.

    AR 624-100 Army promotions.

    Good Call Ron, I forgot about the Flag as well. An excellent idea to check on that or a possible Bar to Reenlist if one was ever in place as well.

    I don't know about your buddy but if you were demoted you could recieve a waiver. Every month your unit will recieve a certain amount of waivers, one two or three at the most for each pay grade, 2,3, and 4. It is up to your command how they will use them or just not use them. If you were demoted and your unit recieved a waiver to use and you were the only one in you unit at the time that was even eligible to recieve it should they want to give it to you then yes, you could possibly get a waiver despite your past NJP. It can happen but I can tell you if it were a choice between you and one or more other soldiers your past NJP would exclude you from the outset and it would be given to another soldier based on merit. I have experienced several episodes of sitting in the 1Sgt's office with other Platoon Sergeants with Soldiers counseling files in hand fighting to get my soldiers the one or two waivers that may have been available that month. If I had one soldier who was pretty darn high speed and one that recently recieved NJP I wouldn't bother sitting there with that file to begin with. That is the nature of the beast. It seems you are trying to redeem yourself and want to get back in the game but as I said earlier it is just a part of the military that you will have to work twice as hard as the next guy now to get some rewards. Becoming a silent hero is probably your best bet for the time being while not expecting anything from anyone in the form of rewards for a while. Actions speak louder than words and that is how you will make yourself stand out. I had one soldier who recieved NJP two days after becoming his squad leader. Eight years later he was on the E-7 list but he worked his &((* off to get there and kept his nose clean after his first and last Art 15 too. You will get there we just have to earn it again and I do wish the best for you but for now it is probably just a good day to look forward to the future and soldier up, you will be surprised down the road how much that will count three four or five months from now.

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    John U, has hit it on the head. But to answer your question yes on 1 Aug 09 you should be a specialist, if you are cool with someone in the orderly room or battalion S-1 ask them if you could look at the AAA -116 and see what remarks are next to your name, because if your 1SG and CDR, never lifted your flag you will never get promoted, and the 6 months TIG does not start till your flag is lifted from your record! I use to be a PAC NCOIC and I have seen soldiers get dicked over!

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