What colour urine may indicate a kidney infection?

I have not long finished a course of antibiotics to treat a urine infection. The first course didn't clear it up, and i doubt the second has either. I am supposed to take a urine sample to the doctors (to see if it has worked this time), but i am currently on my period, so will have to wait until it has ended. I have had this urine infection for a couple of months now, and the longer it goes without being treated adequately, the more chance i have of developing a kidney infection (if i haven't got one already). This is what is worrying me at present. Through the day my urine is either brownish (quite dark), or like a neon yellow colour. Could this indeed indicate that i do have a kidney infection? I should add, before taking the second course of antibiotics i had a dull ache around my left side and pain in that kidney. This has more or less gone now though.


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    You can tell a lot about kidney function from your urine and colour can provide a few clues. Brown may indicate the presence of small amounts of visible blood though colour is also effected by dietary and metabolic factors and so it isn't always a reliable indicator.

    Neon yellow urine is associated with a high vitamin B2 intake but this is also variable to dietary factors. There are many other features of urine which can reveal information on renal function - volume, turbidity, smell as well as things that are not visible by the naked eye - very small amounts amounts of blood (micriscopic haematuria), glucose, nitrites & WBC (which are indicative of a UTI).

    It is because most of these things can only be picked up on a urine dipstick by your Doctor that it''s important to go back and keep getting your urine checked to ensure that the infection is dealt with properly to prevent complications in the future.

    Hope it helps!

    Source(s): Merdical Student & a big Medicine textbook
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    Kidney Infection Urine Color

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    Urine color is affected by many things within the body. For instance, a darker color can mean a person is dehydrated because there are more nutrients in the urine and less water. Conversely, very pale urine is full of water, so it's likely the person is well hydrated. Also, urine can indicate that you have too many or too few nutrients, as in vitamins and minerals in your system. I know when I take my daily supplements, which are chock-full of water-soluble vitamins, I pee florescent yellow. It's pretty unnerving. Also, colors in your food can affect it, like urine is often pink after you eat beets. However reddish urine might be bloody, and should be checked by a doctor promptly. Hope that long-winded answer helped!

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    Blood in the urine may be caused by infection, stones, tumors, injuries, or other problems in the bladder, urethra, ureters, or kidneys. About half of the people who have blood in the urine without pain have a disorder affecting primarily certain specialized blood vessels of the kidney (glomeruli).

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    Well, if there is blood in ur urine, thats a given for infection

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    Could be but please call your doctor w/your concern. You could also be very dehydrated from the antibiotics.

    Drink not only lots of water but cranberry juice to help w/the infection.

    Hope this helps and you feel better soon!

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