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Soon to be 13 year old girl birthday party ideas?

My birthday is next month and my dad and I were talking about birthday party ideas. I am completely blank. Do you have any ideas for my party?

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    For my 13th birthday party we had a scavenger hunt in the mall and then we got a hotel and swam and it was lots of fun. Since yours is in the summer here are some ideas go to an amusement park with your friends, go to the spa, have a camp put in your backyard, have a dance party, murder mystery,A 13 Going on 30 Sleepover Party...Right from the movie.. Buy some razzles!!!! Have everyone wear colorful PJ's, get some fabric and make a cute and easy to sew little pillow in the shape of a Razzle. Nothing fancy...Have your parents make or buy you a cake that looks like a razzle, Watch 13 going on's sure to be a hit with everyone. Eat pizza, talk about boys, paint your finger nails and toe nails razzle colors, costume dance party, survivor theme, Olympic theme, a beach party if you live near one, shopping, cookout, go to a concert that is coming to your town.

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    13 Year Old Party Ideas

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Soon to be 13 year old girl birthday party ideas?

    My birthday is next month and my dad and I were talking about birthday party ideas. I am completely blank. Do you have any ideas for my party?

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    If its sumer you could have a pool party, although there best when you have a pool in your backyard. If you dont want a pool party you could clean out a shed or garage and have like a rave or dance party. Get like glow sticks and connect them together like a chain and hang them form the ceiling and raindow streamers, maybe black lights, disco lamps, disco balls and then get fluro coloured cushions and have them in piles on the floor? Hire a dj or juke box if you want. I had a 13th birthday in a hall that i hired and it was black and white themed. I have black and white streamers, silver glitter on the white tables and i got black and white exercise balls and cushions. I had a make your own sundae bar it was really fuin and everyone had a awesome time :) hope that helps

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    You should have a campout. Have tents if your having people stay all night, and if not then just go halfway. Ya know :

    A fire

    Sparklers/other fireworks

    Marshmallow and Hotdog roasting


    Squirt guns

    A baby pool is a blast! You could even get a slip n' slide and cover it soap.

    Soapy Tramoline


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    Are you the 13-year old by any chance? Because my mother would never consider those party ideas "not too expensive" Anywho, to answer your question, how bout laser-tag? That's always fun! Or maybe bowling or a mall scavenger hunt (hey, it's more fun than it sounds) ✿

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    Pool party for summer

    Spa Party

    Go watch a movie/play, go out to dinner, sleepover, etc.

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    In this link, some are cool and some are not. But if you sift through them you may kickstart the brainstorming, so get some paper and a pen to write down your ideas.

    In this link there is "Murder Mystery Party". That sounds cool!

    Hope this helps!

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    You can have a:

    Pool Party

    You could go to the movies,

    Go out to get pizza after the movies

    Go miniature golfing

    Get your nais done

    Have it at your place, rent a movie and get the popcorn

    Go to an bowling alley

    go Ice skating

    and lots more...

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    For my 13th birthday party i went to the movies with my friends and then afterwards we went to the Pancake Parlour for lunch. Perhaps you could do something similar to that if you wanted to!

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