Does it make you mad when a christian parents prays for their child instead of giving him medical care?

i think its ridiculous, i don't care if you believe in god or not, but if you deny your child medical care, i think that's child abuse. and im not talking about when a kid has a cold, but like if a kid has leukemia, cancer, or something serious like that and has a high chance of survival with medical care.
Update: 神威 楽斗 I'm all for religious freedom, but not when it affects the health of children
Update 2: Tracing Karma while im not religious i find that to be a much better way to do things, if htats your thing i am very happy that you would pray for the person who's caring for your child to do a good job
Update 3: Blonded&Brilliant your right i shouldn't have singled out the christians but im in america so they're the only ones i usually get to hear do this kind of thing but yeah your right, i have heard of other religions doing it to.
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