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Question to anime/manga fans about Japanese war crimes?

As a fan of Japanese anime and manga, do you find it unsettling to know of all the war crimes and atrocities committed by Japanese?

I know that it's ridiculous to think that an entire union of any sort should be scorned for the wrongdoings of a small portion of it, and that most powerful countries committed war crimes at some point in their history.

It's just that when many anime fans and such (99% of them young) say how beautiful a country Japan is and how they're a fan of everything Japanese, I get slightly disgusted to think that they may not even know about all of the atrocities Japanese armies committed during World War II, and how Japan refuses to apologize for some of them.

I'd like to see an [accurate] anime on the Rape of Nanking. Well no, I wouldn't like seeing it, but it might be good if there was one.

So what do you think?


And yeah, I probably don't know what I'm talking about. But whatever. I'd like you to tell me.

Update 2:

Great answers everyone, especially Mic the Cat and of course the BA. Thank you all ^_^

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    I do agree that the "I love everything about Japan" fandom is pretty ignorant, because you can't generalize about a whole nation based on a small (especially an artistically-enhanced) glimpse. But, by on that same logic, as an anime fan I don't preoccupy myself with knowledge about Japanese war crimes and don't know why I should have to. That's because the government and the entertainment industry are - and should be - completely separate.

    If ever I was inspired to visit Japan because anime/manga instilled in me a passion for the language and the culture, I'd be more concerned with any potential CURRENT crime problems in Japan than with whatever war crimes Japan has committed in the past. All countries have done some pretty atrocious and/or stupid things throughout history, but I don't think it's something that should be held against them in all parts of their culture. I wouldn't boycott American television because of something wrong with American politics. Similarly, I wouldn't stop liking the work of Japanese artists because of the actions of Japanese armies.

    And I'm not sure whether I'd want to see a Rape of Nanking anime... It seems a bit unreasonable to expect a country to highlight itself in its worst moment - and, I think, instead of serving as an effective apology for or acknowledgment of it, it would only rekindle the pain associated with it. Besides, I don't see why innocent anime artists should have to take on the burden of apologizing for or acknowledging wrongdoings on behalf of their whole country anyway. Since they'd be writing mainly for an audience in Japan, it might come across more like an antipatriotic stab at their own military. (And by the way, I too will admit that I probably don't know what I'm talking about.)

    In any case, this is quite an interesting argument to think about.

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  • 5 years ago

    Yess me too I like the culture of Japan especially anime and manga but I will never forget their atrocities during ww2 especially in my country where Bataan death march happened. I think the Japanese SHOULD be taught of their atrocities(because I read that Japan education don't teach history of their wrongdoings and because ww2 is very well documented because we have cameras and photos back then) so they don't repeat the past especially today the govt of japan is becoming a right wing fascist

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  • 3 years ago

    I like Japanese anime .

    But I dislike Japanese war crimes.

    It's not same.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I do find it a bit unsettling, considering I'm Korean. But you have to let go of the past sometimes, besides, that was the military's doing, I highly doubt any animators killed or raped anybody.

    That does not mean killing my great-uncle is forgiven, however it does mean I bear no grudge against Japan's ordinary citizens.

    Disliking a country's work because of what they did a long time ago is hardly relevant. I can honestly say that I have never met a Jewish person who openly dislikes all things German.

    By the way, 99% of those young anime fans should open their eyes. I've been to Japan, it is nothing like what you see in fiction. Most of it's very urbanized and jam-packed, there is no beautiful scenery.

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    1 decade ago

    But that's the past, and America is a whole lot worse and many people love America for the same reasons. When you love something that much then whether you be young or old it shouldn't matter what happened in the past. Most of the people who adore Japan and it's many cultures learn more about Japan's past, but they see by it because there are many more pros than cons about Japan. I understand what you're saying and agree in some way, but nothing is perfect and everything has its flaws. People in love with Japan honestly can look past that and see the beauty that amazing country has to offer. Rather than focusing on the horrible aspect of war wouldn't you rather smell the cherry blossoms?

    • Riley5 years agoReport

      America has done worse? Oh non non nooooooo. You wanna see a true monster in history? England.
      Stop being and ignorant little weeb.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with you. And, most countries are like that. I think fans find Japan as an escape (of real life) only because of anime itself, which isn't right.

    Japan was a war nation for it's entire history until the mid 1900's. It's toned down quite a bit and now all the wars are being fought in the conference halls and newspapers.

    The thing that gets me when fans do that though, is that they think Japan has such a beautiful and pure history. It doesn't, and it has just as much as a violent and sadistic history as any other waring country.

    However, here is a turning point. Anime represents things through the Japanese resident's eyes, so the history might be different there compared to the history of the U.S. or various countries in Europe (if you were to read one of their text books). A friend of mine (Japanese foriegn exchange student) had a very hard time in U.S. history class because of all the contradicting history and one-sided opinions (on both sides). I helped tutor her through the lessons and came to this understanding.

    All in all, I don't consider Japan to be so great and superior. To me, it's just another country who found it's nack for worldwide entertainment.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Let's put it this way, has America apologized for leaving the Hmong people to defend themselves against the Communists? I don't ph UCKING think so.

    As for Japan, they are not the only "evil" country of the past.

    I dont hear Mongolians apologizing for anything, like Genghis Khan (sp?)

    or the Chinese for not recognizing Hmong people, erasing their past?

    ALL countries make mistakes.

    It is not the people, its the government.

    The Japanese wanted more land and resources, there was no other way.

    Though this may seem like a highly opinionated answer or so, Japan could of probably tooken over all of China, while Hitler couldn't. It's like saying Japan would be Germany and China is Russia. The chances are Japan would have a better chance of gaining a large country, they had better soldiers too.

    It is fans who obsess about Japan and wish they were Japanese, nothing more.

    Source(s): Hmong American
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  • YU
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    1 decade ago

    I come across alot of these kind of questions from Chinese and Koreans in the Travel Japan section. Idk but maybe the only thing in history lesson you are told in these countries are WW2, Nankin, the japanese atrocities and Unit 701. Nothing will improve this way. Life goes on and maybe you should, too.

    I don't say you ever should forget about these things, but dragging around the past and building up a hatred on it is just awful.

    Look at this thread, how korean kids build up their hatred against japan, maybe you will understand:

    That was still 4 years ago and it wants me make to puke too.On the opposite there is no kind of this education in japan.

    黒い狼: "But I do this for all countries (except Germany, I just can't let the Holocaust go)."

    Wow, you are very ignorant. Germany is actually the only country who apologized deeply for all the sins they have done for more than 60 years now and still the Germans are still ashamed for what they did even today. This should be accepted by now!

    The last time they even wield their flag in pride was at the fall of Berlin Wall and FIFA2006.

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  • Janice
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    4 years ago

    You question is completely backwards. Why are you asking the democrats that question when it is the previous republican administration that denied trials to suspected terrorists? The Dem's have been insisting that there be trials and the supreme court agrees. A military court where the defendant is not able to see the evidence against them is not the kind of trial the Germans and Japanese had. They were permitted to mount more than a token defense. BTW, why is it that so many on the right insist that water boarding is not torture when some of the trials of Japanese pows you reference involved charges of water boarding?

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  • Killua
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    1 decade ago

    My grandmother and her family were in a jap camps during World War, so I know what they did.

    But then again in my home country my grandmothers two uncle's were shot by the germans, because they were taken hostage in order to stop a church from publishing a newspaper...What they didn't do because ''God'' wanted them to publish it, so 20 innocent men were killed.

    Everywhere in the world were evil people doing bad things, not just Japan.

    I agree more people should be aware of the history, but I'm not going to blame an entire country just because of what those people did.

    Those fans are just ignorant, Japan has a nice culture, great media, but they take it way too far.

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