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Is there is psychiatric condition whereby people believe inanimate objects have feelings and personalities?

For example today at work I needed to get an envelope from the store cupboard - the one I picked up had another one stuck to it, so I put them both back because I thought they were 'friends' and I didn't want to split them up.

I suspect the answer might be that I am nuts, but I do this sort of thinking all the time and would be interested to know if anyone else does!

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    No its a social condition we ted to anthropomorphize objects to make a safe environment so our car is Bessie old girl who wont start this morning as shes a bit cold and off colour. Its just a normal social way of inventing stories that get you through the day - The difference between you and someone who is out of touch with reality is that you have awareness and choose to be this way out.

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    Lol, I don't know if it's a named condition but I do the same thing as you so I guess we're both nuts!!

    It could just be that we're picking up the energies of different things. It's like when psychics use personal possessions to read somebody. It's not hard to understand why most of us have a hard time throwing out a favourite thing once it needs replacing. It's to do with the memories & feelings we have associated with it. I find it hard to chuck a used lipstick! I do it but it's so upsetting!!

    Also maybe being given cuddly toys and comfort blankets as babies has alot to answer for!!

    Whether an object is personal or as impersonal as the little envelope pals ;-) everything has an electronic vibration and inanimate objects aren't all that inanimate when you think about what they're made up of! xxx

    EDIT - knowitall is right, I've heard of people like that - it's funny but sad too. I don't go that far myself! =D

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    If you really believed that the envelopes were alive and were friends then that would be a delusion. People who have Schizophrenia and people with Manic Depression can have delusions as symptoms. People who have severe Major Depression can also have delusions.

    If this is a serious problem you should see a doctor to get checked out. If you are just having a little fun at work and pretending the envelopes are alive so that your job is more interesting, then that is not because of a mental illness, it is because of a boring job.

    However, if the latter is the case, then you need to be careful about this because if you continue making up things like this, your mind can get in the habit of doing it. It is generally the best thing to stay in the real world even when bored and do something else to make your job less boring.

    Source(s): I used to work as a Registered Nurse in Psychiatry and personal experience.
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    Yes, it's called Anthropomorphia. It was first documented by Freud in 1902 but was properly studied by a French phychiatrist, Didia Folforet in the 1930s. The case study in his celebrated book Ascribing Thought was a Ukranian woman who had a long and fulfilling relationship with a griddle pan.

    I wouldn't worry too much if you have this condition; it's no worse than people who pretend to be sock puppets and make up ridiculous answers on Yahoo ;-)

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    Al my life i've thought of things like that.

    If i put peas in a saucepan to boil and i notice one is left on the worktop,i just think i've gotta put it in with his friends so he won't be left out on his own.

    I gave a set of books to a friend which has been together in the attic for decades.

    I left one of the books up there and i can't help think that he must be missing his mates and he's all alone up there now.

    Mad isn't it...lol

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    i have no idea what it's called but watched a reallyinteresting documentary about people who form emotional attachments to objects. Some people were attached to buildings and there was one lady who was in love with a banister / handrail which she would carry round with her. Sounds comical but these peole were deadly serious!

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    I believe they were more than friends,and you interrupted something personal..so do not go crying when there are no extra envelopes.why would you think you are nuts?Jesus talked to fig trees.Seriously I believe in speaking positively to objects to get positive results.Just consider yourself thinking outside of the box and save your worries for more important stuff like all those dust bunnies under your bed.

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    I have been known to do similar things. I would like to know too! I think it's more OCD on my part in a way. I don't know for sure though.

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    I wish I knew that, I have that as well, I make up stories for my things, and regard them as friends.

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    beauty and the beast comes to mind. these are not enchanted objects fair wench :)

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