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據說這是設計師刻意而貼心ㄉ安排。因為她們希望Hello Kitty 能分享每一個貓迷ㄉ喜怒哀樂,而嘴巴正可以隨著貓迷ㄉ心情而變化,反映出最適切ㄉ表情。因此當你快樂時,Hello Kitty 看起來便充滿愉悅,當你悲傷時,Hello Kitty 似乎又充滿了同情和安慰,是擁有人自己ㄉ心情寫照。



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  • 1 decade ago
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    It is said that this is deliberate and intimate comfortcomes , thannks arrangements.because they want to share the Hello Kitty Cat every happiness and sadness, and míriel marchette forstray unitsincreases, cat can theirdogs becomeagain, reflects the most appropriate when you're happy, Hello Kitty look when they fill, when you're sad, Hello Kitty appears to be filled with sympathy and consolation is the owner of your own theirdogs becomeagain cpuntenance.

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