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幫我翻譯中文成英文 急

1 這本書裡面有許多小故事勉勵我們 只要肯做 沒什麼事是不可能成功的 換個角度想 也許一切也都不一樣了 也看到在面臨感情挫折後

我們都必須拋開過去的挫折 讓自己向前走 給自己另一種可能 再給自己一個機會 轉換個方向換個心情再出發事情會有很大的轉變

2 這本書用英文介紹了世界上許多我們不知道的人事物 並用易懂的英文 描寫旅者在 不同的地方看到的事情 讓我們以輕鬆的閱讀方式學習英文

有事半功倍的效果 而且還可知道許多著名的地方的一些小故事 讓我們對世界上的地方了解更多

可以的話順便幫我加上標點符號在翻譯好的英文上面 謝謝你

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    1.Inside this book has many small stories to encourage us so long as perhaps were a willing worker any matter has not been not impossible to succeed trades an angle to want all also all dissimilar also to see after faced the setback which the sentimental

    setback we all had to abandon to let oneself walk forward for oneself another kind of possibility gives oneself an opportunity to change a direction again to trade a mood to embark the matter to be able again to have very big transformation

    2.this book to introduce with English in the world many we did not know the human thing and saw with the easy to understand English description travel in the different place the matter let us have twice the result with half the effort by the relaxed reading way

    study EnglishThe effect moreover also may know many famous places some small stories let us be more to in the world place understanding

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    1 .this book has many little story, as we are encouraged to do, nothing is impossible to succeed. Another way you want to, perhaps there is not the same, it had also seen in the face of feelings of frustration,

    We must put aside past frustrations, let myself go straight to your own another possibility, and then give yourself a chance to convert a direction, change the mood before things will be of great change of


    2. this book in English describes many of the world we do not know of people, with a friendly English description traveler in different places to see things, let us take it easy to learn English reading has the effect of the effort, but also know that many famous places little story, let us in the world of places to learn more.

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