United States v Mexico?

Why are there so many Americans that hate the Mexican team, and so many Mexicans who hate the American team? What’s your view of your team’s rival? I’m sick of seeing people bashing the U.S. and Mexico. We’re supposed to be brothers.

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    Very good question and there's no one simple answer. The football rivalry really began in the 90s when the U.S. game improved dramatically due to the investments that were made in the sport here (WC '94, MLS) and thereby began challenging Mexico's dominance in the region. I think a lot of the fans here have given you some pretty good answers; I'll sum up a few of them and give you some of my own.

    Before the improvement of the US team in the 90's Mexico's main rivals were some of the Central American teams like Costa Rica and Honduras, but even then the rivalries were never that intense because Mexico always enjoyed an unchallenged dominance in the CONCACAF. Mexico has always been the team to beat and in the 90s the US finally began to take part in this common vendetta that the rest of the region had against the Mexican team. Now this rivalry would be just like any other rivalry in the region except that there are several unique factors involved as well.

    1) Mexico can enjoy home field advantage against the US in most major US cities which has created a lot of resentment amongst the US fans and team. In the 90s the US used to play most of its matches against Mexico in big cities like LA and the crowd was always predominantly Mexican and always too rowdy for the taste of the US team and its fans, who weren't used to the intense atmosphere that is common in many football matches. And as was to be expected, the tone often became racist because many US fans and the US media painted it as a problem unique to Mexicans, failing to recognize that the rest of the world has seen its share of intense football matches, oftentimes more intense and violent.

    2) Politics has always been involved in football and due to the troubled political history between the US and Latin America, especially Mexico, makes this football rivalry even more intense. For many Latin American fans the US is the nation that has bullied, invaded, and intervened without justification in their national affairs so there's this element of hostility that's present whenever other nations in the region play against the US.

    Then you add to this the fact that there are millions of Mexicans in US territory that at times have their own unique troubled political relationship with the US, oftentimes being the objects of discrimination and racism, which makes the rivalry that much more heated. Many US fans are plainly racist against Mexicans whereas others are merely resentful that they aren't willing to assimilate and change their allegiance to the US team. I must say though that there are many fans are for the most part purely interested in the football rivalry and history between the two teams and don't pay much attention to the political elements involved.

    3) Finally, the rivalry between Mexico and the US is sometimes a rivalry between Mexicans in the US and Central/South Americans in the US. A lot of the fans that are hostile toward the Mexican team are other Latin American fans that adopt the US team as their surrogate when it plays Mexico as a way to transplant their own particular rivalries with Mexico by cheering for its biggest rival. It's that idea of rooting for only two teams, your own favorite team and whoever is playing your team's biggest rival. Some Central American fans will adopt the US as their team because oftentimes their own national teams aren't as competitive.

    Source(s): Sorry for the long-winded answer but you asked a very interesting question and I couldn't resist to try to give you as detailed an answer as I could.
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    It's funny how you guys bunch all USA fans into one...that's called stereotyping.

    It sound like the Mexican fans on the post are being racist.

    I have seen posts where Mexican fans have called US fans very negative things and you know what they are. I don't have to mention them.

    You guys make it sound like Mexican fans never do anything wrong.

    I don't dislike Mexico's team but if you are way better than the US in soccer you should be destroying us, and you should be a top of the CONCACAF standings.

    I don't think most Mexican fans give the US any credit. I think for baseball, basketball, American Football being our top sports I don't think we are that bad in soccer.

    I think the US is doing well. I am not expecting a World Cup trophy any time soon but as long as they play hard and leave it on the field I will not be disappointed.

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    oh c'mon both sides have used racism but i have to agree the americans sometimes get out of hand. i support the mexican national team 100% and will never support the us team, even though i was born in the us. i grew up supporting the MNT and i dont see y i should stop now. i respect the USNT but insults will always b answered with more insults. Brothers? haha this is sadly more than a football rivalry. politics r also involved.

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    I'm a US fan and as a fan i try to defend the team when someone tries to say something bad about them, but i have never seen any other US fan use racism against mexico, in fact, its the other way around, i seen many questions that are talking down on US soccer and and we US fans have tried to defend the team but we never once used racist comments. But if there are US fans using racism against other teams than they are not real soccer(futbol) fans.

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    This racism crahp didnt begin until the USA eliminated Mexico from the 2002 WC. Ever since Americans are all like we rule MEXICO!!!!!!!!! As many of us Tri fans have realized, Mexico looses to USA every game because the referee is the same fat Guatemalteco fat azs and they play in the US. Mexians have more balls than fricking gringos.

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    I'm 100% American, but i definately agree that alot of fans are racist towards the mexicans. But i think the mexicans need to forget about donovan peeing on their feild. it was like 10 years ago and Team Mexico wouldn't let the americans use their bathrooms and donovan had no where else to go.

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    There is so much hate because of the ignorance of people! Simple as that! People bring in politics and race into the game....and that only fires up both the fans and the players! As you may have heard....many of us are raised not to take people's crap....so we push back when we get pushed!

  • Because the US fans always mix racism with sports. I mean look at some US fans say.... " border hoppers, swine flu, wetbaks, etc....".

    Plsu US fans think just because we are in this country we have to support the US. I live in this country but I'm a 100% mexican and I will support my team even if in in this country.

    Plus, look how the US fans are acting just because they are in the confederations cup, they are acting like if they are gods gift to football.

    If US fans dint bring the racism and respected the mexican team, then it would be a rivalry but not with racism.

    Here's some of the US supporters that diss mexico with racist in Y/A.

    Davie darko, roddkick, joel c ( he's mexican american but disses his own people), mr. Italia, playmaker.

    These users always resort to racism and that's what brings the shet talking and disrespecting. If the US fans don't diss mexico then mexico fans wouldn't be dissing the US.

    Edit: @ irishcthlc how biased can you be? So now its us mexicans who diss and make racism comments to the US? Get real all these glory-hunting US fans come here to diss and make racist comments about mexico. But when the US looses they're nowhere to be found.... and who says we can't accept the US is getting better? I know the US is getting better and so is the rest of concacaf, but US fans think just because they're in the confederations cup that they're the kings of the concacaf. Like I said americans always mix racism with sports.

    Btw..... in a answer you said I wish irish were cool with mexicans and that it was only me thinking that irish like mexico? Well for your info the irish helped mexico in a war when the US tryed to take mexico's land. The irish helped mexico because thr irish were discriminated in the US when they came here from ireland. And for the irish helping mexico in the war in return we have a holiday in mexico called DIA DE SAN PATRICIO. Look it up and know your own countrys history. And you call yourself irish!!! Please I bet you think just because you were born in the US you think yor better than mexico?

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    i dont hate the team i hate the fans!! they piss me off so much because they are so rascist and ignorant! like this one time this guy asked a question about why mexico was doing so bad and the stupid gringos said"cuz they have swine flu.

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    I love the Mexico NT! I dont hate the US! they have improved alot! I respect them!

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