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CYMA CM .030 AEP Battery?

I just got the CYMA .030 on eBay and it didn't come with an instruction manual. I am wondering how long I should charge the battery for on it, I really don't want to fry the battery! The charger has a red light but I don't know if that's just there or if the light actually shuts off when the battery is done charging. Could someone please tell me how long to charge it for and if the red light actually does anything.

Also if you happen to have an extra copy of the manual or know a place where I could print one from the internet I would GREATLY appreciate that!

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    I have this gun, and it amazing by the way.

    3 hours charge should be enough. And because this battery is a Ni-Mh. If your battery is running low on power, you can recharge it at any time!

    Source(s): 3 years airsoft experience
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    Cyma 030

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  • gay
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    Cyma Aep

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