What kind of insect bites could this be?

I live in Florida and recently have been walking around outside in flip flops or sandals. I have a few small insect bites on my feet and they itch like crazy, more intense than any mosquito bite I ever had, and smaller. I suspect I maybe got bit by insects that live in the grass because I don't have the bites anywhere else above my feet. Anyone have any insight to the kind of insects that are common in this region that live in grass and cause itching bites, besides mosquitos? I am new to this region and don't know about the typical insects here yet. Also, any remedies to ease the itching?

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    It sounds like chigger bites to me. I get them if I walk in the grass with bare or exposed feet & the itching caused by the bites is the worst I've ever experienced. Sadly, I haven't found much to ease the itching, but a few things I generally do when I get bitten is take Benadryl, apply rubbing alcohol to the bites to cool them down (which is good for disinfection purposes, as well) & if it gets really, really bad, I'll turn the bathtub faucet on hot and stick my feet under it (which is rather like scratching without actually scratching). Cortisone creams might help, too. They don't help me much, but I've heard that they help some people.

    They're wicked little bugs, and it usually takes about 2-3 weeks for the swelling to disappear completely. :(

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    whilst i grew to become into 8 years previous I had those "boils" throughout my legs. i might conscious interior the morning with greater infections then in the past. I went to the ER one night and that they advised me that they have got been spider bites and that they might finally bypass away. She positioned antibiotic ointment on the blemish and quickly adequate it went away. that's what it sound opt for to me and dont scratch or pop because of the fact they're going to come again. some week later my father and mom stumbled on a spider nest in my mattress so i might verify for that and in case you do discover one then in simple terms call an exterminator.

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    maybe that insect is an ant a smaller one

    or a flea,lice...

    coz this kind of insect is smaller than mosquitoes.

    or another possibility of ur itching is the grass...

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