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Today's Issues, Which Do You Support!!?

Just a random poll, curious to see people's general opinions.... If you believe in a middle ground between 2 issues, put that too!

1. Pro-Life or Pro-Choice

2. Gay Marriage or Not

3. Freedom of Religion or Freedom from Religion

4. America or Europe

5. Palin or Biden

6. John McCain- Pros and Cons

7. Barack- Pros and Cons

8. Fox or NBC, etc

9. Pledge of Allegiance or Freedom from it

10. Flag Burning--Unpatriotic or Freedom of Speech

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    1) I am against the wholesale slaughter of innocent babies.

    2) I an against homosexual marriage because it is not natural.

    3) Freedom of religion. There is not, and never has been, a seperation of Church and State nor should there be.

    4) America, of course.

    5) Palin is a LOT more intelligent than Biden.

    6) John McCain was way too liberal for me, but Baraq was way worse.

    7) Baraq is a terrorist bent on the destruction of America.

    8) FOX is the only fair and balanced news source.

    9) The Pledge should be recited every morning at every school. Why not?

    10) Immolate yourself before burning the flag.

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    1. Pro-life, but I would allow abortions in cases of medical need or first trimester abortions. If you couldn't decide whether or not to kill the kid in 3 months, you only have 6 more to go.

    2. Pro-Gay civil equality.

    3. Freedom of Religion is what is advocated in the Constitution. "Freedom from Religion" isn't working out so well for the Tibetan Buddhists and other minority religious groups in China.

    4. America all the way. Europe riots all the time, is subject to a domineering over-organization, and has not yet figured out that Americans are not subject to their political whims.

    5. Palin. Biden seems to be the bigger idiot to me.

    6. McCain was a Democrat, especially fiscally. McCain was a Vietnam Vet. McCain probably would have made better choices than Obama. .

    7. Barack is completely unable to make a good decision. However, the Europeans like him, so they tell Americans what to do less now.

    8. Neither, ABC, NYT, radio, local news.

    9. Freedom from it, but I don't understand people who don't say it.

    10. Freedom of unpatriotic speech. The government cannot control this, but I can look at you like you are scum if you do. If you are illegally in the US or not a citizen, you may be deported for doing so. The Constitution does not apply to non-US citizens.


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    1. Pro-Life or Pro-Choice: both

    2. Gay Marriage or Not: both (straights should be allowed to marry too)

    3. Freedom of Religion or Freedom from Religion: both

    4. America or Europe: both

    5. Palin or Biden: neither, but Biden if I have to choose the lesser of two conservative evils

    6. John McCain- Pros and Cons: no pros; too cons-ervative

    7. Barack- Pros and Cons: very little pro-gressive; too cons-ervative

    8. Fox or NBC, etc: none of the corporate media

    9. Pledge of Allegiance or Freedom from it: both

    10. Flag Burning--Unpatriotic or Freedom of Speech: freedom of speech

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    1. Pro-choice

    2. Gay Marriage

    3. Freedom from Religion

    4. Both, but mainly America

    5. Biden

    6. John McCain is useless

    7. Barack Obama is the man

    8. NBC, CNN, CBS]

    9. Freedom from it

    10. Freedom of speech

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    1. Pro choice

    2. Pro gay marriage

    3. Both

    4. United States

    5. Neither

    6. Few pros, many cons

    7. Minute pros, way too many cons

    8. Neither, but I can tolerate FOX

    9. Freedom to say it or not

    10. Freedom of speech, but deplorable.

    Source(s): A libertarian
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    1 decade ago

    1. Anti-abortion on demand

    2. I could care less who you love and want to marry

    3. Freedom of thought in all forms

    4. The US of A

    5. Neither

    6. John McCain - cons too long to list, pros none apparent

    7. See 6

    8. Neither again

    9. I'll go with freedom

    10. Freedom of expression

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    10. Flag Burning--Unpatriotic or Freedom of Speech

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    1. Pro-life

    2. Not

    3. Freedom of Religion

    4. America

    5. Neither

    6. Too liberal

    7. Communist sympathizer, needs to be impeached

    8. Both are in the toilet, Fox not quite as far in.

    9. Pledge

    10. Freedom of Speech

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    1 decade ago


    Gay Marriage

    Freedom of Religion



    John McCain - old, not Obama

    Barack - his kids are cute, don't get me started


    Pledge of Allegiance

    Unpatriotic to burn a flag

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    1 decade ago

    1. Pro-life

    2. Pro-gay marriage

    3. Both

    4. America

    5. Biden

    6. Cons - he's for staying in Iraq for 100 years

    Pros - he lost the election

    7. Cons - he smokes cigarrettes

    Pros - he's got us on schedule to leave Iraq by 2011

    8. Fox

    9. Both

    10. Unpatriotic

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