hypokalemic periodic paralysis?

Should a person take atomic iodine to kill the thyroid if he/she has hypokalemic periodic paralysis? What are the side effects? Currently his heart is beating a bit fast and feels uneasy. The doctor said yes. I just want to know from other experts or previous patients.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi, it gets a bit confusing without all the test results.

    There is another condition, Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis which is a rare condition that occurs only in people with high thyroid hormone levels (thyrotoxicosis). It is seen most commonly in Asian men.

    This is similar to, hypokalemic periodic paralysis (familial periodic paralysis). This is an inherited condition and does not have high thyroid levels.

    Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis involves attacks of muscle weakness or paralysis alternating with periods of normal muscle function. Attacks usually begin after symptoms of hyperthyroidism have developed.

    If the doctor is certain of the diagnosis, made with a thorough history, lab studies and possibly imaging, then I gather s/he has considered this alternative diagnosis. If s/he has not considered this diagnosis then maybe s/he could.

    You will no doubt feel better if you ask the doctor if this alternative diagnosis is possible and if they say no, ask why. Once you are fully informed you will feel easier with th etreatment options.

    Best wishes.

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